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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Rainy Saturday

Good Morning blog readers from a very wet and windy UK

I cant share much stitching progress with you today i'm afriad. A small amount that i did on Home is where... and thats it. I have however, completed the stitching on both sides of the biscornu for the monthly challenge over at Stitch and Stash and plan to make that up this weekend, of course no reveal till the end of the month when we see what everyone has chosen, sorry!

I really need to get out Beatrix Potter for the SAL, here we are halfway through May and its yet to make an appearance again, not good news considering i only did one motif last month ... telling myself 'must do better Julie' i hope i am listening to myself and paying attentionLOL

I was reading Clares blog and she commented about how she has changed the way she stitches since she began and it became apparent when she pulled out an old project, and it got me thinking. Do you stitch (a) / \ or (b) \ / and have you always stitched this way?? And does it make a difference if you are left handed or not?? I'm a leftie and i stitch (a) and i think i always have when cross stitching. I've just been and looked at a tapestry piece i did in tent stitch a long time ago and was surprised to see that's stitched (b) \ how weird....

Anyone need a relaxing paino music fix? I came across some wonderful music tracks HERE that have been composed by a UK man, its very relaxing to listen to, a great de-stresser.

Have a lovely weekend


  1. Home is where... is looking fab hun.
    As for which way i stitchi you know I havent a clue lol
    Though I have noticed that sometimes it feels weird stitching one way to another lol think I stitch / first tho lol
    Hugs and Happy stitching
    wet and windy here too hasnt stopped the kids going out though lol they have a new park to play on

  2. Home is looking gorgeous Julie.

    I think I've always stitched the same way! Lol! It's just automatic for me really. I never think about it.

    Sun is shining here for now but it won't last!

  3. I am right handed and I stitch A too..I think I have always stitched like this. Home is where is looking lovely.
    Well done!

  4. Wet and windy is right, its hailing here!!!
    "Home is where" is looking good

  5. You WIP is looking fabulous!

    I am a lefty too and I stitch A. When I first started stitching I stitched both A and B and of course my projects looked like a tornado had hit them. That is when I started learning the proper way to stitch.

  6. Oops what have I started LOL

    I changed to stitch /\ because someone said (and I can't remember who) it sits better in the light - and I really think it does - but that could just be me. As for which hand you use I don't think it really matters and it's not a problem which way you stitch unless you change and pick up an old project LOL

    Maybe a lesson in having no UFOs hee hee

  7. I think most stitchers are taught to stitch /\ as I see from most instructionals. When I first began stitching I found it easier to find my place by stitching \/ so I guess I stitch backwards! I'm not left-handed though.

  8. HIW is looking lovely Julie. Hope you manage to do a little on BP, it's such a pretty piece. Am right handed & stitch (a) & always have - just find it easier. Thanks for the link, it was very relaxing to listen to - so hope he's signed up, his music would be ideal for New World Music CD's & I'd buy them! :0)

  9. I had not heard of this chap but I clicked the link and enjoyed. I also listened to a couple of others and loved the Music Box Lullaby. Have bookmarked it to listen to more later - thanks.

    As for stitching i go \ and the top with / this was the way the instructions gave on the first piece i ever did and I couldnt change now though most chart instructions do show the other way.


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