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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Another birthday gift...

Julianne celebrated her birthday yesterday, so i can now share with you the mattress pincushion finish i sent to her.

She has a fondness for The Prairie Schooler designs and i chose this one from Gift of Stitching Issue 25, Feb 2008. All four seasons are in this issue but i chose Spring. I hope you had a wonderful Birthday Julianne.

We have a set of steps and a ramp to get down into our garden, but you have to go past Mr & Mrs Blackbird nesting in the ivy on the side of our garage. There has been a lot of activity the past few days with both mum and dad flying in and out with beaks full of food.

I think they have recruited a new security guard to sit underneath the nest and keep their babies safe, but i think this candidate might have lied on his CV about previous experience!!! A quick squib with the water squirter and he soon realised that he had lost his new job LOL

It's been a lovely sunny start to the spring bank holiday here, i've spent time out in the garden till late this evening. I did a bit of reading, stitched a letter on the 'Best in Show' and even helped DH to plant some seeds (yes i was in the greenhouse pretending to know what i was doing!) Sitting outside with cups of tea and slices of cake, what could be nicer. More sunny weather predicted for tomorrow so i guess we'll be having a morning up at the allotment before DH has his motor racing fix watching the Grand Prix in the afternoon - Good Luck to Jenson Button. Monday they are predicting storms with thunder and lightning, now thats more the typical weather we usually get when you get a day off work, fingers crossed Mr Weatherman has read the signs wrong.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy time spent with your families
Love and {hugs}


Julianne said...

Hi Julie,

Yes, I had a nice birthday and it was made all the nicer having received such a lovely gift from you.

Your day sounds like a perfect day in my book. Especially the part about tea and cake in the garden. I sure hope your weatherman is wrong.

Gaynor said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gaynor said...

Sorry..had to delete my previous post..typing with no glasses is very bad for getting the letters the right way round lol

Cats can be so sneaky can't they!
We have starlings adn sparrows nesting under our roof..lots of little squeaks from about 5 in the morning! I loved your comment on my blog. lol. I think when you follow you also have to add it to your reading list. Something I am always forgetting to do lol. Enjoy the sun! We miss out on fact, your sun is giving us lots of rain..again. Dont want you to feel bad about it though as I suffer vitamn D shortage!!! rofl

Rachael said...

What a lovely birthday gift!!
Cheeky monkey, I bet he gave you a what did you do that for sort of look..LOL
The sitting out and eating slices of cake with a cuppa sounds fabulous,I do hope it stays nice, with the children being off this week!

Christine said...

Thats a lovely pincushion you stitched fro Julianne.
Nice try by the cat ;D

Stitchingranny said...

Its been scorching here today. Lots of work in the garden, well Ive drank coffee and DH has worked lol but he does need someone to organise him. Well thats my excuse and Im sticking to it.

Karan said...

Beautiful gift for Julianne. Nice try putty tat! LOL Sounds like bliss Julie - enjoy the rest of the BH. :0)

Marian said...

Wonderful gift. Beautiful garden. Fantastic security guard.

CindyMae said...

That is lovely! I love the stitching and finishing! The new security guard! Gorgeous!

Mylene said...

That's a lovely gift for Julianne!