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Monday, 6 April 2009

Not a lot to say...

My LNS has gone from selling lots of cross stitch stuff to now selling mainly wool and papercraft things. They do have a nice range of ribbons and finishing braids though. Earlier in the year i noticed in the sale bucket a couple of these little notebooks from Framecraft for a bargain price. This one i've stitched for my SIL's mum for her birthday later this month. The design is a medieval alphabet from a very old magazine and was especially for these books. The old grey matter seemed to be in working order when i remembered this design and it was so quck to stitch and finish and i'm really pleased with the way it turned out, i hope she likes it.

At long last my camelias are starting to bloom, they are so late this year. The pic on the left is 'brigadoon' and is a new one that DH bought me for my wedding anniversary this year to join the one he bought for our first anniversary. The one on the right is 7 feet tall and so gorgeous when in full bloom, this is the first flower this season though, normally they are out in February.

Here you go Lori-Ann, just for you!!

DH has been spending some time in the greenhouse sowing and potting up his veggie seeds, lots of nice green shoots happening and things are progressing nicely at the allotment too. The nice sunshine we have had for the past week has helped everything to put on a growth spurt :-)

Not a lot else happening here right now, i've not been so good this week so not been around much and not stitched a whole lot either. I did make a start on the monthly Christmas ornie and also a gift for my SIL's birthday which i really need to get cracking with this week. This years plan of being organised seems to be fading......

I hope everything is good with you and yours


  1. Love the camelias Julie - I have "Lady Clare" which is just about in bloom. I have spent today potting up some plants we bought atthe weekend - gardening is very theraputic isn't it.

  2. Ohhh the Camelias are worth waiting for...too pretty. I love your greenhouse. It's my dream to have one!!

  3. lovely photos I am sure your sil's mum will love the notebook

  4. Oh, I just love your DH's green house :o)

    Some green is showing on my lawn now, but it is still too cold for anything but the tree buds and the crocus and lillies. (I'll have pics of them soon.

    Tanzy doesn't know what happened to all of her lovely snow, LOL.

  5. that's a lovely note book, I'm sure it will be well received.

    Your camelia always comes into bloom before mine, I'm still looking at buds!

  6. Those are such lovely flowers, Julie! I love your DH's greenhouse!

  7. Beautiful Camelians Julie and the little note book is lovely.

  8. lovely little notebook! and gorgeous blooms too!

  9. I love your camellias. I don't know what variety mine are because they were there when we bought the house, but they never bloom till May. I've got some lovely purple tulips out though.

  10. Gorgeous camelias. Lovely gift - lucky recipient. :0) Hope you start to feel better soon Julie (((((hugs))))).

  11. That's a lovely finish. Thanks for sharing those beautiful flowers.

  12. I don't see how anyone could not just fall in love with that notebook. Good job; it's lovely!

    And quite frankly, so is your greenhouse. Wow!

  13. oh my!!!!! I want to come to your house!!!! I want to spend time in the greenhouse!!!! How beautiful!!!
    We have very cold temps still. We had snow yesterday & today. It is is suppose to be spring!!!


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