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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

March comes to an end ...

Update of Needleprint Beatrix Potter Quaker, last day of the month and time to post my progress on the SAL blog. The ladies have made good progress again this month, there are 100 ladies in this SAL and lots of variations in colour and thread.

End of the month also means time to remind myself how much spare time or should that be essential time i have spent on my hobby and what was achieved

Papillon Creations SAL 2008 'How Does Your Garden Grow' - only 3 months late!
Monthly Christmas Ornament ~ Christmas Bouquet - Marie Chantel Lord
Monthly Challenge ~ The Workbasket - Berthi's Birdbath
Birthday card for DS
Knitted a pink bunny
Finally got round to making up The Cats Whiskers, Peacock Stitching Chair

LHN Wool needlebook and fob SAL with Karen
Beatrix Potter SAL - 6 motifs added this month

LHN Travelling stitcher

I always think i haven't done a lot in a month but when i see it written down at the end of the month it makes me realise that its not just the stitching time, its the making up that takes time too..... that chair for instance 14 hours!!! thats 2 days work for some folks LOL

Hope you all had a productive March, roll on April. I've updated the sidebar with the additional things i need to do in April but i will be spending some time thinking and planning for a couple of birthday gifts for May, i need to be organised and get cracking on those too.

Love and {hugs}


Rachael said...

You really got a lot done with the NBPSAL it looks great! And Yes that chair is an achievement in itself .
And you got the Papillion finished!! So well done!!

mollycaff said...

Great progress Julie. I can see me spending quite some time looking through the SAL blog tonight ;-)

Lori-Ann said...

Well, you have been busy while I was gone.

I like the bunny you made. Vary sweet.
Your gifts recieved and given are treats to be sure. Lucky duck!

Hope your stitchy plans happen like clockwork!

Ginnie said...

good progress report for March! You BP is looking lovely.

Christine said...

Seems like you got a lot done to me, certainly puts my meagre efforts to shame!

Lynn said...

you've got through a lot this month, much more than me that's for sure! Well done.

Karen said...

lol you put me to shame yet again ;o)

Mylene said...

You had lots done this month, well done and your BP SAL is looking great!

Sally said...

Bea looks absolutely gorgeous Julie.

You have achieved a lot in March ( nearly said April! Duh!) with finishing HDYGG and the chair:)

Karan said...

Great progress on the BP piece - such a pretty colour. Well done with all those finishes too. :0)

Bonnie said...

You are so far ahead of me on your BP. It is looking great.
I really like your color choice. I use my magnifier lamp and reader glasses when stitching mine too.

Stitchingranny said...

Looks like you had good results from your March targets.

Good progress on the quaker too.

Stephie said...

You have been a Busy Bee, all lovely as usual. I've only had time for one book mark!! Nevermind kids are off! They will keep me busy, lol

Maddy*Moo said...

sounds like you have been busy! and great progress on the quaker! keep up the good work!