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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Happy Birthday Paula

My second parcel has arrived and spot on time for Paulas birthday yesterday.

This little guy doned snorkel and flippers and set off across the Irish sea to his new mum. Paula emailed me to say she is not around much right now as she is off sick this week, and that she has decided to name him Seamus. Here's hoping he brings her lots of luck and that they both find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, or have a lottery win at least!! Get well {{hugs}} to you Paula, hope you feel good as new real soon.

Hanging head in shame this month with the Needleprint Beatrix Potter Quaker, i only managed to add 1 motif onto this. April was a busy month with birthdays and garden stuff, i will try and do better next month.

As it's Tuesday Mr Stick is around again looking for his UFO ladies and checking up on their progress

Happy Stitching


  1. He's a cute little fella!
    BP stitching is looking good!

  2. One motif is better than none, and Seamus looks great Julie.
    Now I am off to hide from Mr Stick!!lol

  3. What a cute bunny Seamus is!! You are such a talented lady!! I love that stitching project, as well. It is so pretty!

  4. Another cutie - Seamus suits him rather well. :0)
    One motif this month is one less to do next, so it's good progress. I so love your colours on BP. :0)
    Ooo if Mr Stick is on the prowl I'd best get NW out tonight.

  5. Doesn't he look so daper in his Green Vest and Trousers!! With all the wonderful bunnies you have stitched do you think you could stitch one with your eyes closed? LOL

  6. Love Seamus, he is too cute! Your stitching is looking great and at least some stitching is better than none at all!!

  7. Cute bunnie Julie
    All your finishes are great
    happy Knitting and stitching

  8. Yet another handsome little fellow. I like the name Seamus.I don't know why I held a contest to name my bunny. There are too many good ones to chose just one, lol.

  9. Perfect name for the bunny! Great job choosing colors for him.

  10. I really like the colors in your Quaker piece.

  11. HI Julie, lol Seamus is settling in well.....thanks again he's such a cutie.....

    Happy stitching and knitting.....

  12. What a cute little guy he can make his way across the pond anytime and hang out with Hungry!!!

    Beatrix Potter looks great!


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