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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Friends and RAK's

I had a visitor yesterday, Rachael drove over to see me. When the doorbell rang and i answered it i was greeted by a lovely lady holding out this gorgeous bunch of flowers!! She also stitched me a lovely fob that is now firmly attached to one of my pairs of scissors. We had a lovely time chatting about stitching (what else!) and other stuff. Poor girl was subjected to all the family on her first visit here. DH and DS came home from work early, then she even met DD as she was on hols from work and called in to get dad to 'help' her wash her car. Mr Moe and Midge were also on hand to see who was visiting their patch. It was lovely to meet you Rachael, i had a really nice time and dont know where 5 hours went to, i hope our family fun and frivolity didn't scare you off.

One of my knitted parcels has arrived with its new mum.

I asked DH to choose a name from one of my posts on the blog to send an RAK bunny too and he picked Ranae. Poor little chap doesn't have a name so there is a contest over at Ranaes to name him. She is a wonderful stitcher, posts pics of the wonderful place she lives in and has a lovely blog so why not pop over and check it out. If you have a suggestion as to what 'bunny' might be called even better. There are some nice guesses, glad i dont have to choose one.

No stitching updates as i haven't put one stitch into anything at all for a few days, one of those weeks when other stuff happens and you just dont get round to it.

Have a lovely weekend whatever your plans


  1. sounds like you had a great time with Rachael

  2. Sound like a lovely visit. I saw Mr Bunny looking very dapper on Ranae's blog earlier

  3. Oo gorgeous flowers & fob - sounds like you both had a lovely time. :0)
    Another very cute bunny. :0)

  4. Sounds like you had a great time. Love the fob..must learn how to make them lol

  5. What gorgeous flowers, lucky you, and spending time with a friend, you can't top that!
    Sorry to read about the allotments, those vandals should have their hands cut off, there's just no deterent now is there?

    A lovely cute bunny Julie, well done :)

  6. I'm so happy and jealous at the same time that you two ladies got together!!

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with Rachael! What gorgeous flowers and fob she brought you! You lucky girl you!!! I just love the bunny and I have already entered the contest to help name him! He is adorable!!!

  8. Thank You! Thank You! Julie's DH for picking my name.
    Pretty gifts Rachael greeted you with.

  9. I had a fabulous time!!Your family are just wonderful and so friendly!
    A fab addition to the Bunny family, Lucky Ranae!

  10. Beautiful flowers and such a cute fob. Sounds like you had a great time with Rachael.

  11. Mr Moe is so cute, I want more pictures of him :p

  12. how nice of you and Rachael too meet up, sounds like you had a nice time. And the flowers and fob are gorgeous

    Another cute bunny, I really love your little creations, glad he went to live with Ranae she's lovely

    Chloe still looks after Esther that you sent her :)

  13. What a wonderful time spent with Rachael!

  14. I read on Rachael's blog, that she had a wonderful time! Cute fob!
    Bunnies sure do multiple at your house! LOL.


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