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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Sunny Tuesday

Thank you all for your kind words about the vandalism. The problem we have is they are bordered by a public footpath to one side and an open wooded area on the other and the police are patrolling more than usual as they think this is why we are targeted - easy access. I was saddened to read in tonights local newspaper another group of allotments had 48 sheds burgled and tools stolen on Saturday night, police are appealing for public to come forward with any info, they think an organised group are responsible due to the type of cutters used on padlocks etc!!

I haven't any stitchy pics to share with you. I've finished stitching the LHN Wool needlebook and fob, the fob is made up, but i'll show you that when the needlebook is done too. I've also been knitting a bit and have sent off 2 parcels this week so cant share those either till they arrive. I can show you these two rascals in the garden today enjoying the sunshine. Mr Moe loves to sit high up and wait for Midge to pass by so he can pounce on him and play. Can you spot Romeo and Juliet in the bottom corner of the garden?

Lots of things growing and needing planting in the garden and greenhouse, this time of the year does cut into stitching/reading time and just when i've started a new book and its really good, although the exercise is good for me so DH tells me :-)

Thank you for stopping by and visiting, i do appreciate it


  1. Oh Julie your garden does look very Tranquil!

  2. Julie, so sorry to read about the vandals!!! I hope and pray they are caught...little bas#$%^#!!

    Mr. Moe and Midge do indeed look like Romeo and Juliette!! Your garden look so relaxing and beautiful!!!


  3. Oh Julie, your garden is peaceful looking! The cats are hilarious. Aren't they clever posing like that!

  4. Yop have a beautiful garden and I know what you mean about gardening cutting into stitching time but the fresh air is great not so keen on the excercise bit so I only do heavy stuff if hubby about to catch me if I go over lol
    Cats look well at home and so cute bless them.
    Happy Gardening and Stitching

  5. Sorry to hear about the vandalism, Julie.

    That's a beautiful garden you have.

  6. Tell Mr.Moe that he is NOT Rapunzel, LOL. He can probably keep a good eye on the goings on up there.

    Your garden looks so peaceful. Do you stitch out there often?

  7. So sorry to hear about the vandals, it's such a pity the younger generation does not appreciate the effort and work put in by people around them, and have respect for nothing. I am sad with you. Thanks for the pictures in your garden, it is delightful, and so restful. Thanks again! Lori xxx

  8. I'm sorry to hear about the vandals and hope they'll be caught soon.
    You cats look cute! Mr Moe is like a statue sitting up there. :)
    I'd love to have that kind of sitting area when I have a bigger garden.

  9. Mr Moe looks like "Master of all he surveys" up there. LOL You have a truly beautiful garden Julie. :0)

  10. I do love those cats! The first picture of Mr.Moe is wonderful. The garden isn't too bad either.

    Are Romeo and Juliet the statue hidden amongst the cedars?

  11. Even a day later I still think the photo of Mr. Moe is one of the best I've seen.

  12. Oh I do like your seat in the garden. Very relaxing.

    I cannot cancel your RAK as I have the most perfect chart with your name on please dont make me 'sob' lol

    I am looking forward to doing it lol
    All the best

  13. Julie you have a gorgeous blog, I love all your crafting, you do wonderful work! You also have a beautiful garden!!


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