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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Bead Bonanza!!

Postman armed with 2 padded envelopes addressed to me, that was a nice surprise today. Flipping them over i saw the names of Karen and Barb on the back. What could these ladies possibly be sending to me?? 2 mins later and i'd opened them to find these inside. A gorgeous ice-cream cone scissor fob from Karen and two of Barbs (no blog) beautiful beaded bracelets. Thank you so much ladies for my wonderful Easter surprises, they are beautiful.

I also had a lovely afternoon. Clare and i met for coffee at my local asda as she was in town shopping. We had a great girlie gossip. Thanks Clare for coming over, hope you have a nice week away in Wales. As if that wasn't enough excitment for one day, i chatted to Karen on the telephone too.


  1. Lovely gifts!
    Sometimes it is nice to have a girlie get together...glad you had fun lol

  2. Oh nice stuff to get in the post!! Very pretty.

  3. You had quite a day didn't you? Great gifts and time with friends, what more could you ask for?

  4. What wonderful gifts!! Glad you had a nice time with Clare,
    I have heard Karen but not had the chance to talk back yet!!
    LOL That makes it sounds like she's a chatterbox!!
    (She has Wii speak I don't)

  5. Great gifts Julie - you lucky girl.

    I had a fab time chatting over coffee - it just goes by so quick though.

    Happy Easter x x x

  6. Lovely gifts Julie.

    So glad you had a nice meet up with Clare. It's lovely to get together with fellow stitchers.

  7. Two very pretty gifts. I am sure they are well deserved as you are always doing things for others Julie.

  8. Gorgeous beaded delights from Karen & Barb. Love the ice cream bead! Sounds like you both had a great time chatting. :0)

  9. Wonderful gifts!!
    Happy Easter!!

  10. Lovely gift for a lovely lady!

    WIshing you a very Happy Easter.

  11. Such lovely gifts, Julie.

    Have a wonderful easter!

  12. lovely gift from Barb , she has a real talent for beading, sounds like you had a great time with Clare

  13. Nice gifts, Julie! What a way to brighten your day!!


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