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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Stitch, frog, stitch, frog!

Not a lot of stitching to show so far this week. Part 10 seems to have haunted me with the Papillon SAL, talk about miscounting time and again.

I've also made a start on the monthly challenge. This month the charts are from The Workbasket, lots of nice ones on there and i've chosen one i haven't done before. These were the first ones Karen and i did when we were doing our weekend challenge, does anyone remember those?

Last night was stitching club and i took Beatrix to show the ladies, another motif was added. Today was my yoga class. It's been a strange week here, i've spent a lot of it waiting for a parcel to turn up, it arrived today and i now have a new updated mobile phone complete with camera .... just need to work out how to use it properly now, i suffer from techno fear and am useless with gadgets!

Hope your week has been better than mine!


  1. Well done on getting Papillion out to stitch, mine is stuck at part 3. Can' wait tosee which design you choose for the Monthly Challenge

  2. Papillon is looking lovely, not far to go now!
    I've got as far as picking threads for my monthly challenge...

  3. I have never seen the workbasket charts before...thank you for sharing..I see a hedgehog I very much like lol

  4. Oooh Pap is looking so pretty Julie. Hope the frog stays away.

  5. Shame the frog has been for a visit!
    I remember your weekend challenges,It was lovely seeing what you both did with the same design!!
    OOOoo new gadget!! Hope you can work out your new phone with all it's bells and whistles!!LOL
    Have some {{Hugs}}

  6. Do you have a frog slave to do your stitching?... no, I've read the title wrong, LOL ;o)
    Papillon looks so pretty. Sorry that frog gets in the way.

    I don't want to talk about technology just now... it hates me. ;o) have fun playing with the phone!!

  7. I haven't touched my Papillion chart yet..too many other projects are getting in the way.But I am looking forward to doing it,I like doing different stitches.
    Love the look of yours :D

  8. It's beautiful, Julie. Kick that frog to the curb! Besides, they get wart juice all over the stitching! LOL

    Enjoy playing with your new phone. I'm sure you'll have it figured out in no time!

  9. I left a comment yesterday but it's not here, so I'll do it again lol .

    Lovely stitching Julie, it's so colourful! Have fun with your new phone, I'd be lost with out my camera phone, it's great for catching 'moments' :)

  10. Papillon is looking great - hope the frog is now long gone. Know what you mean with new techie stuff - but I did find and use my phones camera all by myself on Friday night. Yay! Have fun playing. :0)

  11. Papillon is looking great, won't be long now until your finished
    I need to make a start on JA monthly challenge


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