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Sunday, 1 March 2009

Happy St Davids Day

March is here already, time to see what i accomplished in February and then to make a note of things i'd like to do this month (i'll add that to my sidebar)

February's Plans
'New baby' card/gift - BOTH DONE - card and cardigan
New start from 'to do' pile - DONE - Brightneedle, Christmas Window
Monthly Challenge (reveal 22nd) DONE - Elisa Passions Coeur 08
Monthly Christmas Ornament - DONE - LHN Snowbunnies
Start new LHN SAL with Karen - STARTED 'Wool' needlebook & fob
Mothers Day card ~ DONE
Wedding Anniversary card ~ DONE - JBW 'Love'

Everything on the list accomplished, but the Peacock Chair still didn't get finished off (not enough concentration this past week) nor is the Papillon Creations SAL parts 10-12 added, i did make a start on Part 10 but a visit from the frog sent that back into the workbox. These will of course now be added to March.

I did manage to finish and sew up the baby cardigan in yesterday. Call me old fashioned but i do like to see newborn babies in white, hence the plain and simple white cardigan i've knitted. Just awaiting notification of the little ones arrival and then i can parcel it up with the card and send it off in the post. Most of the little boys i know have arrived late so it might be the end of the month before that happens!

I hope March is a good month for you all. Spring is just around the corner, brighter days and lighter nights makes for happier stitchers. I've put in a request for better health and more energy this month, fingers crossed someone is listening :-)

**SewWilde - You have asked in your comment where i got the book from in the last post, it was a purchase from a local cheap bookshop, but you can see it here at Amazon and browse the contents. Hope this helps.


  1. Wow that is a do you keep track? Lots of things done though and such lovely projects.
    I look forward to seeing the piccies of them when they are finished lol

  2. OH what a cute cardigan, all my children had hand knitted cardigans pale lemon or green, as well as the white when they were babies

  3. that is some list Julie, I don't know how you manage to get through so much!
    Lovely cardi, I too love new borns in white, I really don't like seeing them in 'fashionable' clothes when they're tiny!

  4. Beautiful cardigan. I dressed my boys in white, too , for several months after they were born. And that was almost 40 years ago.I used to knit but cross stitch just sort of took over. I have a lovely collection of knitting needles!!!!

  5. Well done on all your February goals. The baby cardigan is gorgeous. Baby things are such fun to knit, and small enough that you don't get bored and abandon them (not that I EVER do that with my knitting of course...)

  6. What a sweet little cardi!
    hope you feel zesty for this month :D
    I was feeling really tired and the dr put me on vitamin B12 shots..I don't know how the dr's work in U.K but maybe you should ask them about it
    anyways email me if you want more info

  7. Great job on your February goals! The cardi is too cute. Thanks for letting me know where I can find that book!


  8. Well done achieving those goals & Good Luck for this month's. Sweet little baby cardigan. :0)
    Archangel Rafael is the one to ask for healing & health. :0)

  9. congrats on meeting your goals!!!! That is wonderful! Wow, the baby sweater is adorable!!! Love it!!!

  10. Julie, that sweater is the sweetest thing. I agree, babies look even more pure and innocent in white. Like little angels on earth.

    Congrats on all your accomplishments for the month!

  11. What a fantastic list of stitching accomplishments this month! Well done! I look forward to seeing what you accomplish in March!

  12. The cardigan is adorable. Could you possibly share the pattern. So nice to get things done and work on the list. I just seem to add to the list as I finish something.

  13. your cardigan is lovely I hope they take a photo of the baby wearing it for you to see

  14. What a sweet little cardigan. I used to love knitting baby things when I was pregnant with Jess.

    You did well with your Feb stitching and it was s lightly shorter month!

    Hope you're feeling brighter this week.

  15. Well done with the list, if you need more to stitch, then I have a not so good finished list!! LOL

    I too love to see newborns in white growers and cardigans and the smell off Johnsons goes well too, x

  16. I really appreciated the baby knits that were given me when my kids were born, so I'm sure she will like it. I love the ones with a hood on the back. A very special lady (since passed away), knitted one for Jenna and it was my favorite. (enough reminising)

    Your list is quite long. Good job on the accomplishments.

  17. Nice job on the Feb. goals.
    The baby cardigan is so so sweet.
    I love to see babies in white too.


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