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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Whats for tea?

Today is Shrove Tuesday and that means its pancakes for tea!

Of course it also means that it will be the start of Lent tomorrow. You can read all about customs and traditions surrounding Shrove Tuesday and find recipes at the link here.

What do you like on your pancakes? Some choose lemon or orange, and some like something a bit more sickly like Lyles Golden Syrup. When i was little my dad used to make blackberry vinegar and we used to have that, i wonder what happened to the recipe for that.

Whatever you choose to have with your pancakes, i hope you enjoy them


  1. Yummy, pancakes!! I love drizzling syrup on them, but I have to be in a real "sweet tooth" mood for that, otherwise just a good squeeze of lemon and a little sugar

  2. had forgotten off to make sure there are enough eggs left

  3. I like pure maple syrup and butter. Not alot of syrup though, it is too sweet.

    Happy Pancake Day!!

  4. We have golden syrup and strawberry sauce, but may have to go and get some oranges

  5. I wont be having any I don't like pancakes lol

  6. We had savoury ones with cheese, then sweet ones with sugar and lemon for afters. Feeling particularly stodged now ;D
    Just finished explaining to Naomi that she can't give up toothpaste for Lent!

  7. I love lemon juice and sugar, and I managed 3 pancake's!

  8. Oh yummy Pancake Day :0 we had pancakes, I love mine with fresh orange segments.

    mmmmm Lent? Now what shall I give up - definately NOT stitching LOL

  9. I only eat chocolate chip pancakes, lol. they are yummy.
    I am happy to announce you as one of my winners.

  10. We had pancakes too we like ours with lemon and sugar only had to feed 3 of us this yr so only made 9.
    One year I was working in a big industrial kitchen and made over 250 in an hour!!! there were 4 of us at it just to keep with the 1000 ppl we served. A NIGHTMARE lol
    Hope you enjoyed yours
    hugs Shellie


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