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Monday, 2 February 2009

We've got snow!!

Snow, snow and more snow when we woke up this morning. I was up with Midge at 4am and it was falling slowly on top of what we had last night. By the time 8am arrived this was the view from the upstairs window. It's a main road and a bus route so the roads are usually gritted well.

Lots of large flakes fell for a lot of the morning, its the most snow we have seen for 18 years according to the BBC news. I don't think my car will be going far for a while.

By 3pm this afternoon, the back garden was looking a real picture postcard scene.

I hope all the UK folks stayed safe, warm and cosy.


  1. love the garden picture. It is like a postcard!!! How pretty!!! Enjoy your snow!!

  2. Julie,

    You are right about the backyard garden looking like a postcard. It really is lovely to look at but quite another thing to have to go out in it.

    Keep warm :)
    Warm Hugs:)

  3. lol by 3pm most of our snow had melted , we had a sprinkling last night but not enough to stop the kids going to school
    great photos Julie, hope Midge is improving

  4. WOW what a beautiful back garden you have .
    Keep an eye out on my blog as someone you love is almost finished so he will be blog soon i hope.
    happy Snowy stitching
    hugs Shellie

  5. Hey Julie can I ask where u got ur little pin cushion sewing machine its adorable,as is lizzie mouse of course hehe.

  6. Lots of snow here too. Pretty, but not very convenient ;)

  7. I loved it,even when I had to drive through it to Long Eaton.Kids had great fun last night playing in it!

  8. Your back garden looks lovely in the snow! I haven't really got any photos of my garden from yesterday, but I wandered up across Victoria Park this morning, camera in hand taking a few pics. The first thing I said to my DS when I got home yesterday was, 'Get your coat and boots on - lets build a snowman!' Now that was one thing he didn't need nagging to do!

  9. Pretty snow pictures.... we had about the same amount. Pain to drive to work in though!!!

  10. Your garden looks like a fairytale gateway, the snow does make everywhere look pretty :)

  11. I heard it on the news last night.We are starting another winter storm here today
    ~enjoy your winter wonderland..but drive safe!

  12. your garden picture is wonderful

  13. Pretty! beautiful! snow!!! lol
    I love it, wish we would get more.

  14. Hi Julie,

    Beautiful to look at and awful to go to work thank goodness I don't have to anymore!
    Snow here too but the sun is out today so hope it will melt away!

  15. Your garden always looks a fairytale with or without snow Julie,
    Warm Hugs x

  16. Looks very pretty. Ours didn't hang around long - all gone now. :0) Hope Midge is getting better.

  17. Wow, you weren't kidding! Your back garden really is like a postcard. lol Lovely to look at, but I'd hate to be out in it!


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