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Thursday, 5 February 2009

It's snowing again!

Lots of snow again this morning, schools are closed and buses have stopped running. Apparently we have run out of grit for the roads!!! Why is it this country comes to a stop when we have a bit of snow?? I have plenty of food in the cupboards so i wont be going anywhere.

As promised, the SAL with Karen is now all finished and pic duly taken of Country Cottage Needleworks ~ The Tea Room.

DH really liked this one and wanted it in our conservatory, so i decided on a frame finish for it and its now hanging up there. Karen is not far off a finish to hers and then we can start our next one. No clue as to what it is, wait and see LOL

My brother and SIL have wedding anniversary 13th February. This year i decided not to go with the traditional anniversary type card i usually do for them and plumped for the JBW French Country Love and used the middle of the design.

I padded the aperture under the design and added a couple of rub off transfers and am really pleased with the way it's turned out, i hope they like it too.

Midge went into the vets yesterday and they were not able to stitch him at all due to where the wound is. He has a very open wound that looks really unsightly, and is on some strong meds and he has to return again next week for another check up. Lots of mum cuddles needed, poor guy keeps following me around and just wants to sit on my kneee all the time and sleep next to me in bed. It's so heartbreaking i wish i could do something for him to ease the pain.


  1. Hi Julie,

    I have chosen you to award you a FABULOUS Blog award!
    I love your stitching pic that you have framed.. I think it has given me ideas for our conservatory too!
    Chris x

  2. Snow is all gone here. I've never understood why it surprises so may people every year. Its February, what do they expect???
    Your tea room is lovely (and I like your Cornish pottery too)

  3. Sorry Midge isn't well. :o( Poor fella.

    Your finish looks great.
    You have a great day too!

  4. I love your finished SAL and the card. Keep warm with all the snow :)

  5. Poor Midge hope he recovers well.

  6. The Tea room looks great, I had thought it would be bigger,
    I love the matching tea cups and caddys.Do you have a full set?
    Oh a lovely idea with the card just using the middle of the design.
    Poor Midge I do hope he gets better soon! You would think they would stitch it, or even glue it.
    Gentle hugs!!

  7. It wasn't long before the buses were back on the roads again, to much delight to those stranded in town this morning.
    Love your new pieces Julie, such detail.
    Lots of fluffy cuddles to Midge, he really has been through the mill lately, bless him.
    Warm Hugs

  8. Lovely finishes Julie i love the Tea room and the Anni card is so stylish.
    I have sent you an e mail about something I have for you so look out for an e mail from shell.gates
    Happy stitching
    Hugs Shellie

  9. Beautiful finishes.
    kitty kissies for Midge

  10. I just love your Tea Room finish Julie, it is stunning. Thank you for your kind offer, I've sent you an e-mail. Sorry to hear Midge couldn't get stitches, hope he heals well, I know he is well taken care of with lots of mommy cuddles. Hope you are keeping warm and cozy in all the snow. Over here we are having -10°C which feels freezing as I walk to work. I'd take some of the snow any time instead of the freezing temperatures.

  11. Awww poor Midge
    Great card for your Brother I am sure they will love it, snow what snow lol I don't think ours lasted 2 days

  12. Gorgeous finish and a beautiful card....I am tying to decide on a stitched gift for my mum for mother's day, I have so many not sure what to choose...

  13. Poor Midge. I was hoping he'd be much better by now. :o(

  14. well done julie, love the finishes especially the anniversary card

  15. Tea Room looks great in that framed.
    What a lovely card, i am sure they will love it.
    Hope Midge get well soon.

  16. What the heck is an etui box???? Now I'm scared lol! Love your finished pic. Yes, snow. I 'm bored of it now. xx

  17. We haven't seen a snowflake since Monday! Hope we get some next week!

    The tea Room is lovely Julie. I'm on my way for a cuppa!

    Love the card.

    Hope you're feeling much better now {{{hugs}}}

    Poor Midge. I hope he improves soon.

  18. Beautiful finishes! I just giggle when places shut down for a little snow!

  19. Poor Midge - hope he starts to heal properly soon.
    Tea Room looks lovely - enjoy the HD. Great card too. :0)


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