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Monday, 9 February 2009

How many??

That was the question asked by DH yesterday when he looked over my shoulder and saw a different coloured fabric and a different chart to the one he asked to look at on Saturday and then "Is there a limit how many projects you can have on the go at any one time? As many as you like i told him, and pointed out that some ladies have way more than i do and some of them have been hiding in a cupboard for years!! I then suggested he go and put the kettle on and let me get on with starting the new SAL with Karen, this time we've chosen LHN Wool Needlebook and Scissor Fob and here's my progress this week. The tea brewed and teacake toasted he returned to have a closer look at it and decided this was going to be a nice one and asked "when will it be finished?" good job i had a mouthful of teacake and couldn't speak. I suppose i should be grateful he takes an interest in what i stitch.

The project he was looking at on Saturday, my new little start is Christmas Window by Brightneedle. I've had a sort out of charts, they sure do accumulate, some i've had for such a long time. This years plan is to 'stitch from stash' and just have the occasional treat. I haven't had this one for long as it was a Christmas pressie but it refused to go back into the folder and kept trying to hide under the table, so i gave in and it joined the WIP's.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, we've still got some snow on the ground here and there was another sprinkling last night although it does seem to be melting more today after a very icy start. I did get well wrapped up and manage a walk to the Post Office this morning without landing on my ... you know where LOL


  1. DH's comment sounds very familiar. He doesn't like my needlework until it's finished and someone says it looks nice.

    How's the patient?

  2. Ahh well...just tell your hubby that there are never enough projects, lol ;)

  3. My other half pretends to ignore all my stitching stuff... just the way I like it.

    Two great new starts!

  4. Julie,

    It is nice that you DH is interested. I think it's great UNTIL they start to ask too many questions such as "Don't you have enough linen already?" or "How much money do you spend on this stuff every month?"

    Both of your starts look great and knowing you, you'll have them done quickly. Enjoy.


  5. I thinks DH's are just surprised that we can do more than one thing at a time :) LOL

  6. Two lovely new starts there Julie. Poor fellas - they don't seem able to grasp the notion of multi-tasking, bless. ;0)

  7. lol...your post made me chuckle
    :0) good thing about living without a man.
    I am also stitching from stash this year...gotta watch the pennies!

  8. LOL! At least he takes an interest. My DH would never notice a thing like that

  9. great starts Julie
    Look out for your posty today he should be bringing ur gift from me another one to add to ur WIP's lol
    Happy Stitching Shellie

  10. LOL aww bless him, but he is taking an interest my DH has learnt the less said the better and to smile and nod when I ask if it looks ok, I am trying to be good this year,but just bought two bits of fabby from ebay...oopps

  11. Sorry! forgot to say love the new starts

  12. Been to Bright Needles to peek - what a pretty design.

    I have been on the stash wagon (more or less lol) for about 2 years. I put charts I would like on my wish list which is good when it comes to birthdays and christmas etc, though I have loads in my to do pile that I would love to start NOW. The odd charts I have aquired otherwise have been through swaps or from charity type stalls at meet ups (sometimes the charity is just that and others its someone trying to raise funds for stash lol). I do allow myself the pleasure of threads from time to time - after all they do run out.

  13. Great starts on your new projects, Jullie.

  14. Just lost the first comment so if it appears twice- sorry!

    Both new starts are lovely. Looking forward to seeing the needlebook and fob as I have that in my stash!

    Love the Snow Bunnies

  15. LOL... if it helps your case any, tell him I have a 7 year angel that is still WIP. ROFL. But hopefully will never be an 8 year angel.

    Nice starts... do you want more snow? I have lots to give away! ;o)

  16. LOL at your DH! I know exactly what he means! It seems that just about every blog I visit at the moment has a batch of new starts. I can't handle too many WIPs at once, I like to get things finished, although I always seem to be being distracted by something else! My DH wouldn't approve of so many WIPs either.

  17. LOL, I used to get asked that question too, until I started counting my OH's guitars, I mean how many can you play at once?? Now he turns a blind eye! Great new starts!

  18. The projects all seem wonderful.Love the striped cannisters and the dear little pin cushion in your header photo. Using stash is always a good thing.


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