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Thursday, 12 February 2009

2 cats and a frog

Cat number 1
A lovely gift arrived in the post yesterday. Shellie has recently stitched Bagpuss sitting on a cushion with the mice (like Lizzy in my header pic) and i've been following her progress until she completed it last week, it was superb. She knows my love of the little pink furface and she's sent me a Bagpuss card kit. He's got a Christmas pudding with him, so this is definately a must do project before santa comes in 2009. Thank you so much Shellie, i have only ever stitched a little design of him before from an old UK magazine.

Cat number 2
Sitting on the chair with his back to the world and sulking big time!!! Return trip to the vets yesterday for a checkup. The wound is healing nicely, but the collar still has to stay on for another week. Does anyone want a grumpy, clawer who thinks he's been in long enough and has started to spray the house?? I have the lacerations on my arms, legs, hands and even face to prove he is not a happy chap. It's worse than having a small baby again, and he gets me up in the night for a cuddle....

The frog... and a great big toadish one too. It came and spoilt my Beatrix Potter SAL. I had spent all evening stitching a large motif and it's all had to come out, it didn't match up! How can you make a mistake about 6 stitches in and then in a different place on the other side in one evenings stitching and not notice till you get about 10 stitches from the joining up (or not as was the case) GRRRRRR. It's now frogged out and is stuffed back in the workbox till i am calm enough to try again.

Happy frog-free stitching to you ....


  1. What a lovely Bagpuss picture, sorry to hear the frogs visited.... what a pain!!

  2. Sorry about the frogs Julie! Poor puss, he even looks grumpy in that pic LOL

  3. So glad he arrived safe and will loook forward to seeing him stitched I still have the same kit so may stitch it with you later in the year!!!
    Happy baggy stitching

  4. I hate frogs! What a lovely gift you recieved...I am sure Bagpuss will come frog free...

  5. Oh dear a grumpy moggy!!
    What a Lovely gift and bash those bad froggys!!LOL

  6. That is one seriously peed off cat!
    At least Bagpuss is smiling

  7. poor kitty..the pic is kinda funny tho lol
    i've made mistakes like that on my cross stitch and putting it away for a bit does help.
    i've really got to get back into mine

  8. That's a cute gift you receiced.

    Sorry to hear of the frogs visiting.

  9. The picture of your cat is just priceless!

  10. Dratted, horrid frog. I hope you didn't catch him from me...

    Cute Bagpuss!

  11. Sorry about the amphibian visit. I hate it when that happens. It happened in Fairy Grandmother. I put her up and haven't touched her since.

    That kitty looks really annoyed at you right now. I just went through the "back treatment" with Maddie.

    I hope he is feeling better soon!!

  12. He defintely does not look happy there! Poor kitty. I hope he's allowed soon.

    Love the Bagpuss kit that Shellie sent you. A lovely gift:)

    I'm sending a spell to banish those frogs!

    Did you get much snow last night? Sorry it came your way but I had to share! DH and I went for a walk in it. We must need certifying! LOL!

  13. What a lovely gift, lucky you.

    He certainly looks a grumpy cat who is "miffed" with the world.

    I'm so sorry he frog came, hope that's the one and only time this year.

  14. Oh, dear... not a happy household. Poor you with a spraying cat :o(

  15. Lovely gift. Poor you - hope the frogs clear off smartish & the grumpy puddy tat feels better soon. :0)


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