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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentine or Christmas?

Brightneedle, Christmas Window has turned out a little too big for an ornie so i went with a pinkeep finish. the fabric underneath it is what i used to back it, its really nice and bright and a lovely design. Wasn't sure what colour border to go with and looked at both red and green before plumping for the bright yellow. The red/green made it look a bit dull and overpowering whereas the yellow picks out the top of the tree and the little baubles.

Happy Valentines Day
DH and i both received a valentine card today. Last years cards came out again and were written in and re-enveloped and duly sat on the kitchen table ready for when we got up today. He remarked how cool it was to see the lovely cards we bought last year for a second outing and thinks we should save them again for next year and that it's not being mean its recycling at its best and not lining the pockets of the card shops. When we first met he used to bring me flowers every Friday night for at least a year, he often does romantic things and i dont need special stuff today for him to let me know he loves me.

Have a good weekend whatever your plans.


  1. I am totally in love with Bagpuss! He is so cute. I'm trying to find a vendor in the States to purchase one.

  2. Julie,

    Your pinkeep turned out so nicely! Happy Valentine's day to you, and your DH. I think the idea of giving the same card again is great one.

  3. Oh that is a lovely christmas design!!
    Love the idea of re-using your cards,
    I made DH one this year,as well as a new mobile phone holder made from my stash!

  4. Wonderful finishing, Julie. I just LOVE the backing fabric ~ great choice!

  5. Love the christmas stitching hun
    DH and me do the same with our Christmas cards its a tradition my grandparents started many years ago
    Happy Stitching
    Hugs Shellie

  6. what a cute pinkeep. Aren't all of Belinda's designs just great?!?!
    Love your card idea for Valentine's Day!!!! How clever!!!

  7. I love the pinkeep Julie, the yellow fabric and trim makes a lovely change form red and green.

    Love your idea about reusing your cards
    Me and DH only bought a card this year, he bought me a pick and mix (I love a kids mixture!) and I bought him a bar of chocolate. You don't need to go the whole hog, a minding is all you need

  8. my Gramma always kept a box of used cards she would give to Grandpa every year.
    I guess she started keeping them after being married for ten years or more after that he just got ones she reused.
    He never knew the difference lol.
    I very rarely give cards any more,I find them just too expensive

  9. That's a great pinkeep finish.

    Happy Valentine's Day weekend!

  10. Love the pinkeep Julie!

  11. I love that pin keep. I really like the design.

    I think that it is a great idea to reuse your cards. It is kind of neat to see what you wrote from one year to the next.

  12. Your pinkeep is lovely - and I agree with you and DH - love is shown everyday to just Valentine's - but it's nice to indulge once a year LOL

  13. How romantic and sweet. At least he can communicate! LOL.

  14. Adorable pinkeep! I had once read about a couple who saved all of their Valentine cards to each other and put them in a drawer together. After a number of years they had quite a lot and so now they go into the drawer and pick one out to "re-give" every year.

  15. Pretty pinkeep and the finishing is fabulous. Perfect backing fabby.
    Hope you had a romantic day

  16. Lovely pinkeep Julie. Hope you enjoyed a very Happy Valentine's Day. :0)

  17. Lovely pinkeep. Nice idea to recycle your cards, might not work so well if he tries to give you last years flowers or chocolate though ;D


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