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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Happy Birthday Barb

Say hello to Seymour....
A fun and secret project i made for Barb's (no blog, time she had one) Birthday.
Barb is one of the ladies who join us on Tuesday UFO night at Stitch and Stash. She has a great sense of humour and loves Mr Stick the resident encourager who likes nothing better than to give the ladies a good prod/whack when they dont stitch (only verbally online i assure you). Mr Stick and i decided that maybe a spy needed to be sent in disguise as a Birthday gift and Seymour (who likes to SEE MORE progress on UFO's)volunteered. He's an older guy and will be needing those special glasses that DH made for him, watch out for that stick Barb LOL. I hope you have a wonderful day. XX

Sunday means update of the LHN SAL with Karen. I took it to the stitching club on Wednesday, i daren't take Beatrix or the Papillon with me and Brightneedle was almost finished.

I really need to make a start on the challenge piece for February, reveal date is next Sunday and i have the chart printed and threads and fabric sorted. This time it will be a challenge for me, only a week and i can show you and tell you why :-) I must also redo the frogged bit of Beatrix and try and make some more progress on that before the end of the month when its time to post a pic on the SAL blog.

The big question now February is half gone ... Will the Peacock Chair be made up this month or will it still be hanging around in March??


  1. Seymour is a cutie! Happy birthday, Barb!

    I do wish you would finish the Peacock Chair...

    How is Mr, Midge this week?

  2. I love Seymour he's so cute!

    Now come on Julie, where's Mr Stick? get him out to give you a big prod lol . Just start on one piece at a time, don't think about the whole process, it's not that bad, honestly! lol

  3. thats coming along well I will post a pic tomorrow. seymour looks great

  4. Seymour is cute. Your LHN is looking good. I haven't picked up my Beatrix Potter yet either. I like the Peacock Chair, but it terrifies me to think of putting it together.

  5. can't wait to see the finished LHN! I think they are one of my very fav's.
    Seymour is cute!

  6. Seymour is sooo cute!!
    LHN project is looking good.

  7. Seymour is lovely. Hope you get your chair stitched up, I'm looking forward to seeing it.

  8. Seymour looks handsome. I bet Barb loves her present. :)

  9. Lots on the go for you!!

    Seymour is a cute idea. Very cute. :o)

    Good thing I don't have to answer to Mr Stick... I'd be very black and blue, LOL. (I'm a rebell) ;o)

  10. LOL - hope Barb appreciates Seymour's help!

  11. Seymour is fab!! so is the needlebook.
    Yes I think you should get the chair done ,then Mousie will have a comfy chair to sit in!!

  12. Seymour is adorable!

    Your SAL is looking good!

  13. Seymour is a cutie.
    Love the LHN
    When you finish that chair, it will be the first one I seen done. So come on finish that chair so we have somewhere to sit when we visit, lol.

  14. LOL Love Seymour. Love the WIP. Hope all goes well with BP this week. :0)


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