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Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I'm trying to be organised this year and do things well in advance. Mothering Sunday here in the UK is 22nd March, this card is for my mum. My MIL passed away 10 years ago in May, so i'll get some flowers to put in my home to remember her.

Fabric - 28ct jobelan ~ Bahama Blue
Threads ~ anchor oddments
Design from Special Edition Cross Stitch Cards (about 10 years old)

Midge is off to the vets tomorrow for his checkup. The wound seems almost healed. My faith in the vet is restored as i thought she had made it 10 times worse when she cut away all the dead skin around it and made it bigger! He has been a real good boy these past few days, maybe he thinks if i tell her he's good she'll let him keep the hood off LOL.


  1. lovely card! flowers are a great way to remember your MIL.

  2. Lovely card, I like the colour of the fabric. Hope Midge gets on ok at the vet.

  3. Lovely card. We do flowers for Mum too. Hope all goes well at the vets. :0)

  4. thats a nice card for your mum, hope midge gets the all clear tomorrow

  5. Lovely card where did u find that fantastic mothers day ribbon
    Ive seen birthday and xmas ribbon never mothers day
    Hope Midge gets on ok at the Vets
    happy Stitching and card making

  6. very pretty Julie! I know your mom will love it!!!
    I hope the vet visit goes very well!

  7. Great card Julie, perfect for Mother's Day :)

    I hope the vets visit goes ok.

  8. A beautiful card for your Mum!!

  9. Pretty card!

    Good luck, Midge. I hope you get your hoodie off so you can go outside again!

  10. Very pretty card, your mum will love it. Good luck for Midge tomorrow, hope me can come home without his collar.

  11. lovely card Julie...I am getting organised to...well trying

  12. Oh you are organised!!
    Lovely card for your Mum, is it padded?
    Hope Mr Midge gets an all clear,so you can be safe from being a stratching post.

  13. love the card Julie, the fabric is such a lovely colour.
    what a lovely idea of having flowers in your home to remember your MIL
    Hope Midge get's on ok at the vet's

  14. Nice card, Julie! Hope I can get ahead in the same way.

    I'm afraid Mr. Stick might swim on over here (he could do it, being a stick and all)... so I'm stitching! Right after I do some swimming today. ;oD hehehe


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