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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Christmas again!

No of course it's not, you haven't hibernated and missed a whole year!

I joined a monthly ornament SAL so that when December comes round again i should have a nice collection to keep or send out as gifts .... oh to be organised, i hope i can keep it up all year. This one is JBW Peace on Earth from JCS Ornie mag 2006. I do love JBW designs and they stitch up so quickly. There are quite a few nice ones in this edition i like so you might just see another from there next month too.

Tonight Mr Stick and i are hosting UFO night over at Stitch and Stash. It's a really fun night each Tuesday and the girls are so encouraging to each other. Last year there were such a lot of finishes, although some ladies do still have a 'few' UFO's in their stash so i don't think Mr Stick will be made redundant during 2009.

Happy Stitching and UFO'ing.....(yes Karan that means you too!)


  1. What's Stitch and Stash and who is MR Stick? LOL

  2. A really lovely ornament. Great start on your ornament SAL.

  3. A lovely ornie Julie.
    I will be safe from Mr Stick as I will be stitching tonight!!

  4. Great ornament Julie, I'm hoping to join in with the SAL in March after the trade show is out of the way

  5. Beautiful ornament, Julie. What a nice start to your SAL!

  6. Love it! I need to look that one up.

  7. Beautiful ornament Julie. I think the JBW ones are so pretty and delicate looking.

  8. Beautiful ornie! I love the way yours turned out. It's on my to-do of these days, lol!

  9. Nicely stitched ornament. Have fun hostessing.

  10. very pretty Julie!!! I will have to go back & find that one. I do an ornament per month for several groups. This one would be a good choice for a very busy month!!!

  11. Firstly a belated Happy New Year. Your new ornament is beautiful.

    I am having to limit time on the computer and its very hard keeping up with all my blogs but I cannot cut any out as I like them all too much lol.

    I do miss UFO night but I am limiting myself to just three wips at a time for a short while to see if I get more done that way and this has meant that The Garden Alphabet has got put on one side for the time being.

    One advantage to less computer time though has been far more productivity on the stitching front.

  12. What a lovely ornament Julie....You must have a lovely collection of these now....

    I must pop over to S&S haven't been there in ages...I can't get into yuku sites from work....boring! lol

    Hope you're keeping well...
    Hugs and happy stitching and knitting.....

  13. Gorgeous ornie.
    Please call off Mr Stick - I stitched. Honest! LOL :0)


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