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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Thank you Mylene

I was the lucky winner of Mylene's blogoversary drawing, look what arrived in the post today. My very first flatfold, it is so beautifully stitched and made up, now i have seen one of these i really have no excuse not to try one. Such a beautiful sants stitched on the lovely card too. Thank you so much Mylene, your stitching is wonderful and your finishing skills exquisite. I have it on my fireplace for all to admire when they visit.

Yes Jenn the chocs in the advent are Quality Street, and Karen i did think of you when i ate the strawberry cream LOL


  1. LOL strawberry creams are my favourite
    Lovely gift from Mylene I am sure everyone will admire it when they come to visit

  2. a lovely gift there Julie, congrats on winning it :)

    Hope DH is on the mend now and not got you running around after him too much lol

    Hope Mr Moe is feeling better too, how distressing for you all!

    Best wishes to DD on moving into her first home, hope she doesn't return in 6 months like mine did lol

  3. Oooo, you lucky girl! It's so beautiful!

    Is Mr. Moe purring today?

  4. Thats lovely Julie.
    You and Karen are welcome to the strawberry cremes, bleugh!

  5. Oh such a wonderful gift from Mylene,
    Which Quality street was it today?,
    We don't have any Quality Streets this year :0(
    I love the toffee pennys!!

  6. What a lovely gift..lucky you! I am alright...dnt like strawberry...appropriately I am more of a nut person ;-)

  7. Pretty ornament. Just think... that snowy scene can be displayed until March, considering it looks more wintery and less Christmassy in category. :o)

    What was todays flavor?

  8. Lovely flatfold from Mylene. It's so pretty.

    Mmm I wouldn't fight you for the strawberry creams! LOL!

    You got any snow?

  9. what a gorgeous gift from mylene. congratulations fo winning

    i must apologise for not visiting your blog Julie. I had not updated my reader with your new blog name doh!

  10. Pretty flatfold.
    You can have the strawberry cream, I want the chocolate, lol.

  11. Julie,

    The gift you won from Mylene is so pretty. What a nice piece to display for this time of year. Enjoy.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Hi Julie, i am so happy to hear it has arrived safely and pretty quick too. So glad you like the flatfold and the card.

    Hope DH and mr.Moe are on the mend.

  14. Oh the flatfold is gorgeous & that's a real cute Santa - lucky you! :0)


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