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Monday, 1 December 2008

Decembers here ...

Time to press the panic button and see whats left to cross off my ever increasing list of 'to do' stuff before the guy in the red coat drops down my chimney **mental note to self, no roaring fire Christmas Eve, dont want to be smelling burnt Santa**

1st December means its the start of advent, did you all open your calendars, i wonder how many of you girls have the choccie variety like me. DH bought me this cute little guy a couple of years back and you can fill him with your favourite sweeties .... perfect, i took this pic before i stuffed Day 1 into my mouth LOL

Back to the vets today, good news Mr Moe is doing well, that good the vet decided to give him his annual boosters as it will make him dopey and sleep for the next 24 hours so another day/night inside to be on the safe side. He sends you all big purrs and fluffy cuddles.


  1. Love your advent... I sadly haven't got one! Glad to hear all went well at the vets.

  2. What a cute little advent! Are those Quality Streets sweets? I love those things! Unfortunately (or fortunately, depends) I can't get them in FL.

    I am glad that Mr. Moe is feeling better!

  3. I haven't got an advent either sob!
    Yours is lovely though and I am very pleased that both DH and Mr Moe are doing well...I hope you get a full nights sleep soon.

  4. Nice addy. I don't have one any more but the girls do. They think I'm from the dark ages when I tell them the ones I had as a child only had pictures behind the doors (and we used to close them all up and re-use them the next year)
    Glad Mr Moe is doing better

  5. oh yum is that a strawberry cream for today

  6. Thank goodness your fluffy baby is doing well. I have worried about him.


  7. Sweet Advent calendar! I'll gladly take those fluffy cuddles, Mr. Moe! I'm glad to hear he is a bit better today.

  8. That's a cute advent calendar! Good to hear mr.Moe is doing better, hope dh too.

  9. I love your advent Julie. I don't have one ( sob!) but the girls have the ones I stitched for them.

    So pleased to hear Mr Moe is doing better. I do hope he continues to do so. {{{hugs}}}}

  10. Yay! Glad to hear Mr Moe is starting to feel better. Hope your DH is doing as well too. :0)
    Cute advent calendar - you can have my share of Crimbo choccies as well, if you like. LOL
    BTW have changed the background on my Moonglow blog so it's easier to read. :0)

  11. Glad things are going better over there.

    Not sure that I could keep from eating the whole month's worth of choccies, LOL. You have some willpower!

  12. Love the Santa advent, I must give DH that idea for next year

    enjoy your chocs!

  13. oops! forgot to say glad MR Moe is feeling better


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