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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Not a lot of stitching going on ....

Yet another visit to the vets with Mr Moe. We thought he was on the mend after his re-check on Tuesday, but he went downhill during the evening Friday so off we went again yesterday morning. She was quite concerned about him, 2 injections later and a lot of advice and emergency numbers just incase, we brought him home to rest. He just couldn't settle down to sleep all day and kept moving from one room to the other. Bedtime came for us and normally he would be lying beside me, not this night, he was meowwing very loudly but we had been told he must not be allowed to go out - try telling a cat he has to use the litter tray!! He and i spent all night downstairs and watched the clock go round from 2am to 7am. After a long chat with him, i explained as you do to a cat..... that he really would be more comfortable if he stopped wandering from the back door to the front door in the hope that i would cave in and open it, i had sat him in the litter tray about 100 times ..... eventually at 6.30am he couldn't hold on any longer, sucess and he was a lot happier. DH got up and took over and i snuggled down and slept till 10.30am. He's been asleep most of the day, we have to take him back again tomorrow morning for another assessment.

Wednesday night was the stitchy club and i took CCN Tea Room with me. This is the SAL that Karen and i are doing. I decided i would build a house. How did you get on this week Karen?

Dh is recovering well and doing exactly what i tell him!!!! Thank you for your kind wishes for both him and Mr Moe.

I hope you all had a nice weekend, it was really cold here, we've had a roaring coal fire going most of the time.


  1. oh good Mr Moe had a whizz at long last , did he have a funny walk at the end when he gave in? just think how we are when we need to go and no where to go !!!!!!!

  2. I will keep Mr. Moe and you in good thought. He sounds like he is giving you a run for your money! (DH too!)


  3. Good to hear DH is keeping up well. Hope Mr. Moe goes well too. Best wishes to you all.

  4. Good to hear DH is doing as he's told & that Mr Moe eventually did. More healing vibes coming your way. :0)
    The CCN is coming on well - very pretty piece. :0)

  5. Oh I just wrote something and then I got error!!
    Never mind try again
    Glad to hear your DH is behaving himself, and I have never seen a crossed legged cat before Poor Mr Moe!!
    I love that you and Karen are doing different sections as it is interesting to see which bit you both do next!

    If this is duplicate please just delete one

  6. What a relief to go potty. lol
    poor thing hope it gets better your way

  7. More Hugs for Mr. Moe, poor baby. I hope he is feeling better soon. Hope DH is on the mend now too!

  8. I don't know if I could of stayed up all night with one of my boys! Your house is off to a great start!

  9. I hope Mr Moe starts feeling better soon. We used to have cats and it was absolutely impossible to get them to use litter box since they were used to going out. But we also had kittens that were born in winter and used the litter box and in the spring when they were out they ran inside since they didn't understand there's a much bigger "litter box" outside! :D

  10. Well, I hope you got caught up in your Z's. I can just picture, Mr Moe doing the "waddle walk of great importance".

    Good thing DH is minding your orders.

    Wishing you only good stitches!

  11. Poor Mr Moe, I bet he was mortified having to perform in front of you


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