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Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Friendship is for sharing

A friend/neighbour is an active member of the Royal British Legion and today was involved in the annual Christmas dinner for some of the elderly veterans. She was presented with this lovely bouquet of flowers in thanks. Imagine my surprise when she knocked on my door and presented me with them this afternoon! She said the fun and laughter on the faces of the veterans was thanks enough for her today and she felt that DH and I would benefit more from having these beauties in our home right now, wasn't that a wonderful gesture. I'd like to share them with you all and thank you for listening to my rambling and moaning recently.

Here are a couple of little friends i've made. I can share them now they've been received. The bunny i named 'Holly' as its apt for this time of year. It was my first attempt at the little penguin - the knitted bits looked real weird and strange and i really didn't think it was going to turn out looking anything like it should. She went off in the post unamed ... what do you think we should call her??

Advent chocaholic update .... yesterday is was the chocolate truffle :-) and todays flavour was orange cream :-( Thats not one i like so as DH was being a good boy i let him enjoy this one. The toffee penny i really dont like, you can come over and eat that one Rachael - they always end up left in the tin and go in the bin LOL


  1. Holly is adorable!

    OMG! I love that penguin! If you ever have another that needs a good home...

  2. Arrw that was lovely of your friend/neighbour. Cute Knittables,esp Pingu lol

    Toffee pennies in the BIN Shock horror!!!!8-0 Will have to make that trip down south!! yummy I love choco oranges, you do realise I am having an choco advent through you!!minus the
    Did you get any of this snow they were warning of? we just got rain!!

  3. ooooooh that penguin is so cute and I love the bunny

  4. what a wonderful gesture from your friend. How special!!! They are gorgeous flowers!
    Your penguin is simply adorable!!!! You did a wonderful job on it!!! I see these taking over your bunnies!!!!!! TOO CUTE!!!!!

  5. How lovely of your friend/ neighbour to pass on those flowers. They are beautiful.

    Holly and the penguin are adorable!

  6. That was so thoughtful of your friend.
    I just love the knitted penguin. How about Pearl? (Cos she's knitted and it starts with a P)

  7. Lovely flowers!

    The penguin and the bunny are soooo cute. Great job!

  8. I know where the penguin went LOL ;o)

    Lovely flowers

  9. OOoooooo... What a wonderful penguin!! Lucky reciever.

    You have to name him Chilly Willy. :oD (after the cartoon, silly).

  10. OMG! just when I thought it wasn't possible to be jealous of anything besides the gorgeous Rabbit you sent to my DD Chloe, but that penguin has me drooling, she's so adorable.
    what a lovely gesture from your Neighbour, glad there's still some love/thoughtfulness in this world

  11. What a lovely gesture, Bless her. :0)
    ooo a penguin as well as a rabbit - so cute!
    I can see a new Xmas swap starting with all those unwanted flavours of Quality Street. LOL


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