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Friday, 5 December 2008


When i woke up this morning DH called me into the kitchen to look out of the window and look at the trees in our garden. I rushed off to grab the camera and in my haste to switch it on and get a pic i ran into the glass patio doors of the conservatory as DH hadn't opened them yet!!! I am now sporting 2 lovely black eyes and a very bruised/swollen nose, but i did get a pic of the heron that sat there for quite a while surveying the area (click pic for a better view). I guess he was looking for something he could steal to eat. Some neighbours do have fishponds, i wonder what was on the menu for him?

Have you all finished your Christmas shopping? I still have a few small items to get and wrap and also a couple of stitched items to finish off and make up. This weekend the master plan is to write my cards, although due to recent events and low funds i'll not be sending as many as i usually do. I hope people will understand, i'm sure a lot of people will be having a different Christmas this year due to the economy, maybe its a good thing and the true meaning of Christmas will be in a lot of homes.

Enjoy your weekend


  1. Oh, Julie, honey, you poor thing. ***hugs***

    How awesome your visitor was!

  2. Cool move, Julie! We have birds fly into our window often. Never have I seen a person hit one......
    The picture is great, though.

    Understand about the cards. I think maybe I'm sending three-to special relatives. And I finished my shopping today-except for those pesky gift cards.

  3. Oh Julie,first your DH and Mr Moe and now you in the wars,I hope your DH is pampering you now!!(Hugs)
    I have just about finished the christmas shopping just one more item and I am done.

  4. Are you sure that two crows hadn't closed the door just before you reached it? We have a commercial on TV just like that. That Heron had better not have laughed!!

    Seriously though... that's a terrible thing to happen to you!
    :o( Have a big hug {{{{HUG}}}}

    I still need to shop for hubby and get a few more stocking items. All in moderation. No breaking budgets here.

  5. oh.ouch! That sounds painful. Glad you got your picture--it is great, but so sorry you had to suffer to get it.
    I am finishing my shopping tomorrow!! I only have a couple things left to buy. Cards went out today & I sent MANY LESS!!!

  6. Oooh he is majestic!

    Sorry to hear about your accident on your way to photograph this regal bird.

    I haven't even started my shopping yet!

  7. Ouch is right!! What a pretty picture though!

    I have only a little bit left to get for the kids and few stocking stuffers left. I am really hoping to have it finished by the end of next week!

  8. hope you are not too black and blue today

  9. OUCH! you poor thing Julie, I hope your not too black and blue ((((hugs))))

    I'm finished for Christmas except the food ofcourse :) I have cut back on the cards too. I'm not sending to those who I only hear from at Christmas. It's only family and 'special' friends ;) this year.

  10. We are actaully having a better christmas for allthe economising...
    Helath scares, money scares etc have all made our priorites what they should be...' and whilst christmas has not put one penny in my pocket...I am sure it will do my good'!

    I have amde all my cards this year from old stock..and onluy pay postage...
    Hope you are feeling better soon...lots of people seem to do the patio door trick!

  11. Ow! Poor you, he is a beautiful bird though

  12. Oooooooooch you poor thing!

    i still have some shopping to do and possibly a couple of things to make

  13. Julie,
    I'm so sorry to hear about your accident. The picture is great but I'm not sure that it was worth two black eyes.

    Take care and have a good week.

  14. Lovely bird! Good thing he didn't get scared of the bang so at least you got the picture. I hope you heal quicly.

    I've bought all the Christmas presents and wrapped them too but still need to make the cards. I might start making the cards today, I already have an idea for them.

  15. Sorry to hear of the accident. Hope you feel much better today.

    Great picture taken of the bird.

  16. Yep that is a definite ouch Julie. Hope you're feeling a little less bruised today ( I'm a bit behind!).

    Christmas shopping is done barring one small gift but I still have some ornaments to finish.

  17. Oh Julie, hope the black eyes and sore nose and your cold are now disappearing and I thought I had something to moan about ((HUGS))

  18. Ouch! Poor you (((((((((hugs))))))))). What a fab sight though. :0)
    Not done yet. LOL Don't worry Julie - those people who don't understand are usually the ones not worth bothering about.


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