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Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Smalls ...

Last Monday i met up with Clare at our local shopping centre as she was doing a spot of shopping there. We spent a lovely hour chatting and drinking hot chocolate (that was me!) before we were thrown out as they were closing. I'm looking forward to going over to her local church this weekend to see the Christmas tree she is decorating with the stitched ornaments she's received.

This little one is by Lizzie Kate from 2000 JCS ornament issue, it appealed to me because of its simplicity, so i just finished it off simply with the jingly bells.

These 2 gifts used designs from an old magazine. The noteblock i bought from a bargain store, unwrapped it and tucked the stitching down the front adding a small pen. I then rewrapped it in clear plastic. The coaster is for DD's BF's gran as she loves to receive something handmade and i like her to have a small something to open when they visit her on Christmas day.

SAL stitching ... i did do a small amount on The Tea Room this week but not enough to warrant an update pic.

A very kind person seems to have shared their 'germs' again and have been feeling under the weather, this cold bug sure does seem to hang around and there was me thinking i had escaped the worst of it. My day was brightened today as i received a lovely handmade card and little gift from Karan, the gift has been sent to santa but i'll take a pic of the lovely card so you can see it next time i blog.

Till the next time *atishoo, cough, splutter*


  1. I love your smalls.
    Great idea on the noteblock. You are so creative.
    I hope you get feeling better and shake those bad bad germs, lol.

  2. Your small finishes are all great, Julie.

  3. Bless you; have a tissue!

    Love the coaster and noteblock...clever girl!

  4. the ornament is too cute!!! I love simple ornaments!!!
    The other 2 finishes are great as well! I love seeing different ways of finishing things! Thanks for sharing!
    Hope the cold goes away quick. Mine is still lingering.

  5. I like the jingly bells on the Lizzie Kate,also the noteblock and the coaster,
    great ideas!

  6. I love the noteblock idea, I might have to pinch that one ;)
    Get well soon

  7. The noteblocks are a lovely idea Julie. Love the design you've stitched for them.

    The L*K ornament is really pretty. Love the little jingle bells!

    Awww hope you're feeling much better soon. Abi has those germs too so I hope she doesn't share them! {{{{hugs}}}}

  8. I love your ornaments...beautiful!

  9. What a great set of smalls and cool idea for the noteblcok!

  10. Did you even get a chance to recover from the black eyes before being gifted with a bug? :o( Hope you are better soon.

    Granny is gonna love that clever gift!

    Hope hubby and Moe are doing well.

  11. Lovely finishes Julie. I must try the jingly bell finish, it looks so good. :0)
    Glad it got there OK & if it gave you a lift it's done it's job. :0)
    Hope you're feeling much better soon (((((hugs))))).

  12. I enjoyed our coffee (choccie) too and you will love the church trees :)

    I'll bring some tissues for you too :) hope the cold goes soon though.


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