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Friday, 12 December 2008

Get Knitted!

'Noel' went off in a parcel to Kathy (no blog) on the East Cost here in the UK, he's now been received and sitting on her desk with 'Holly' who was in a previous post.
This little family warming themselves in front of my fire was an emergency project. DH asked me a week or so ago to knit them for one of his customers little girls. He came home yesterday afternoon and informed me that today would be the last time he would be seeing them before the hols!!!! Its a good job mum and dad were already knitted but i spent the whole of the late afternoon and evening knitting, sewing and stuffing. It's a good job he is a nice man otherwise we might be playing 'hunt the knitting pin'.......

Happy Birthday Sally!!!

Sally has a particular love of snowmen so i decided to make her one of my bunnys for her birthday, but one with a difference. I made her all white, she is the only white bunny that has been knitted, in fact the only completely one colour one ever.

Sally is holding a competition on her blog to give 'snowbunny' a name, pop on over and leave your idea, wonder what she'll be called?

Finally for today, as promised is the lovely handmade Christmas card i received from Karan, isn't it gorgeous.

DH thinks we ought to put the tree up this afternoon .... seems like a lot of hard work to me, i am still in the 'bah humbug' mood and would much rather be sitting reading my book or stitching. I must remind him he needs to go up in the loft first and FIND all the stuff before i can do the decorating. Of course, this year i dont have DD to help me and there wont be the usual squabble of which ornie looks best where, this could be an advantage and it might not take so long LOL

I do have some finished stitchy pics to show you but i'll save them for another day. Thanks for visiting, love and {hugs}


Dawn said...

awh your bunny is so cute I bet Sally loves it!

The card Karan made you is stunning! Well done Karan :)

brokenfairy said...

Oh more fab bunnies!!
It has taken me a week to do mine,and not because I have put up loads,but that I can't really be bothereed!! My poor kids!!

brokenfairy said...

Sorry I meant that to say 'do my decorating' not bunnies or anything. Boy I should re-read what I put before I hit publish

Tanja said...

I love your bunnies, they are so cute! Are they difficult to knit?
I have made many sweaters, but never knitted anything like that.


Christine said...

Lovely bunnies! Have fun putting up your tree

Daffycat said...

Oh, more darling bunnies. Well done!

I'm not especially in the Christmassy mood either this year...

Mylene said...

All your bunnies are sooo cute. Great job, Julie.
Looking forward to see your christmas tree.

Sally said...

I love my bunny! She is sitting with Angel all cuddled up at the moment:) I haven't had many suggestions for names but there are some lovely ones:) She has to have a special one because she's a special bunny:)

The card Karan made is gorgeous. I took a photo of the one she made me but I haven't posted it today as I had loads of piccies to post so am saving it for another day.

Did you get your tree up??

Lori-Ann said...

Very lovely crafts, Julie!! Your very kind to just whip up a bunny family like that! LOL.

Karan said...

Lots of lovely bunnies Julie.
Glad you liked the card - it was my favourite one. :0)