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Wednesday, 17 December 2008


I am so furious, angry, hurt, upset

British Gas just phoned and asked to speak to my dad - he passed away 3 years ago on Friday!!! He never lived at this address, what the flippin heck was that all about.

I think i need to shout at someone at British Gas.... find me the phone book and their number ....................


  1. Oh dear...please dont phone British will just feel worse after being held on hold for 5 hours, be transferred to at least 9 departments in 9 different countries, non of which speak English and get no where.

    You are better talking to citizens advice and complaining to the gas regualtory pepes...

    I am sorry this happened but dont stress...really not worth it. I know it is upsetting but deep breaths. then go and break a few eggs into a bowl lol ((((hugs)))

  2. I am sorry about this, Julie. (((big hugs)))

  3. did you speak to them this time? tell them you want to talk to someone there on their phone bill, one day they will have someone with a brain cell working for them

  4. AWWWWWWWWWW Hun Huge hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Oh Hun,
    Sorry to hear this has happened!! I do hope you have managed to calm down a bit,((Hugs))This is the last thing you need !!

  6. ***hugs***

    My dad received a credit card on his account in my name (maiden) last year. I have been married for 22 years and was NEVER on his credit card account. Dad wouldn't let me keep it either. ***pouts***

  7. I'm so sorry, Julie. It's bad enough they called, but that their timing was so rotten. My dad's been gone since 1996 and not a day goes by that I don't think about him or wish that I could speak with him again.

  8. Lots of hugs Julie. This is awful and they should apologise for the hurt they have caused.

  9. Dearie me! I hate this country sometimes!! xx

  10. Hi Julie,

    How awful for you and so upsetting..if after you have calmed down you still feel angry, write to your MP and ask him to write to British gas it might stop some else having a similar phone call.
    In the mean time, hug your family and have them hug you.

    Chris x


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