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Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Gifts received & exchange pics

Postie has been real busy coming to my house recently ... I am the proud owner of one of Karen's handmade glass bead fobs, isn't this superb, i think its going to be put on my heart shaped scissors DH bought me for my birthday. I wish you could smell the lovely lavendar scent that is coming from the little sachet - the corner beads are Karens handmade glass ones too ... Karen these are wonderful and you are so clever at making these glass beads

A parcel from Sally was delivered today, this one made me smile. We had been challenged on one of the MB's i visit to stitch and make up an ornie just for ourselves. Having never done a PS santa i found this one in JCS ornament 2002 and decided i really needed to have that on my tree. It seems Sally and i were stitching the same one at the same cool is that!! Thank you Sally its beautiful and looks wonderful on the tree.

Pictures have now been shown of the ornament exchange at JA. I chose to stitch the JBW for Maddy, she requested something pink/purple to go onto her tree. I also added some choccies into the envelope for her to share with her son. Barb(no blog) sent to me and it was her 1st exchange. I have this JBW in my stash and have been meaning to stitch if for soooooooooo long. The stitching is so exquisite and i love the hanger she included in the parcel. Thank you so much Barb, i hope you enjoyed this exchange and you join more in future.

Hope you have a god day. I'm going to pay a visit to my old Uncle Bill. He'll be telling me stories about Christmas's past and how the weather is not as bad as it used to be when he was a boy or on his travels in the navy as a young man, its going to be fun and interesting morning.


  1. Great minds think alike Julie!! LOL! I read on here that you had taken a liking to PS Santas so thought this one was ideal for you!

    Lovely fob and sachet from Karen. They are so pretty.

    Love the ornie you made for Maddy and the one you received from Barb is gorgeous.

  2. What lovely gifts both sent and received!!
    I have found that Lavender gives me a headache even though I do love the smell!!
    They do say great minds think What a lovely ornie from Sally.
    What a pretty ornie you made for Maddy,and fab one from Barb
    Have a wonderful visit with your uncle!!

  3. What lovely exchange gifts. I am in awe of Karen making beads, and how funny that you and Sally chose the same ornie.

  4. hope ytou had a nice time with uncle Bill great orni's

  5. Julie,

    How funny about the PS ornament! It really is a lovely design.

    I love the ornament that you stitched for Maddy. That gathered ribbon edge is so elegant!

    Hugs and wishes for a beautiful Christmas to you, and all your family.

  6. I am crazy about those beads you lucky thing! That big purple one looks like the end of a lollypop! Great job, Karen!

    The ornies are terrific! So much detail too. Love the wire rack.

    Hope you had fun with your Uncle, as I hope I will with mine.

  7. Lovely ornaments Julie, well done to you and Sally.

  8. Wonderful stitching! I love the sachet and fob from Karen-just darling!

  9. WOW! Such lovely ornaments you have received and sent to Maddy.

  10. Wow you got a lot of fantastic stitched goodies! I really like that PS Santa I'll have to pull my magazines out at some point!

  11. What lovely gifts both sent and received!! I really like that hanger. How cute.

  12. Thankyou so much for my ornament Julie! It's gorgeous! I love it and it is now at the top of my tree away from Joey's grubby hands lol. It looks so nice along with my decorations too lol. I have a pic on my blog of the tree and ornament but will post a pic of it close up for everyone to see it in it's glory! Thanks again!

  13. Gorgeous fob & the ornies are beautiful, sent & received. Great hanger too.
    The church/tree pics look magical. :0)


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