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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Thank you Julianne

A knock at the door and postie was smiling again this morning, he had an envelope from across the pond for me .... YAY!! it was the ornament exchange from Julianne. You chose the perfect design for me Julianne, you must have been reading my mind. I have seen a few of these different Santas recently and wished i had seen one close up, now my wish is granted. Thank you so much, your stitching is so perfect. I can feel a new addiction to Prairie Schooler Santas coming on and think that maybe they will be my ornament a month for next year, sounds like the perfect plan to me, what do you think?

I've received my partners name for the last of my exchanges for this year. It's the Christmas ornament exch at JA. The chart has been chosen and its all ready for me to take to the stitchy club tonight.

Christine .. your comments about the zombie bunny's did make me giggle, i always think of Wallace and Grommit and Curse of the Were Rabbit, i'll have to be careful they dont hitch a ride with DH in the car to the allotment LOL


  1. Oh, he is rather splendid isn't he?

  2. What a lovely ornament!!

  3. He is adorable! I am not a santa fan, but I love the Prairie Schooler santas! You do a lot of exchanges, don't you Julie?!?!?

  4. He is a very smart Santa isn't he Julie. It's lovely.

  5. Very nice ornament! What a lucky girl you are!

  6. Gorgeous ornie.....I love santa designs

  7. What a beautiful ornie to receive. I've stitched one of these PS santas and I really enjoyed it. I should get more!


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