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Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Tea Room

Does whats on the TV or the music you listen to make you stitch faster?

Week 2 of the SAL and I seemed to whizz along last night whilst watching an exciting night on Strictly Come Dancing and then Merlin, i got 2 sides done. When i came to take a pic this morning i decided i just couldn't leave one side left to do - sorry Karen, i sat and did the last side this morning so that makes 2 sittings on mine this week, i'll have a week off next week LOL

Tomorrow sees us back at the dentist with DH - the abcess has returned yet again. More stronger pills for him and it seems he might still have to have the operation on his mouth!

Hope you all had a nice weekend


  1. Hi have been chosen for my RAK. Please contact me with your details and a long wish list, the longer the better as it means I may be able to actually give you something you really want..

  2. Looks great! And yes, the more fascinating the tv the less speedy my needle. But then again there's a tenuous balance between tv interestingness and stitching speed. If the show's too boring I *notice* how long I'm stitching. :)

  3. That's looking good Julie. I haven't really noticed if what's on the TV makes me stitch faster! Lol!

    I hope your Dh gets on OK at the dentist today. Keeping my finger's firmly crossed. {{{{hugs}}}} to you both.

  4. I pray the dental visit isn't as bad as you are anticipating.
    Your stitching is looking great!!!!

  5. Looking good julie. I can't stitch in front of the tv, but I can knit in front of it. Don't know why

  6. Wow you are on a roll. Looks great. I agree that watching a good movie can accomplish a good amount of stitching. I have often been amazed just how much I have accomplished during a two hour movie! :)

  7. If I am watching something interesting on TV, I am s-l-o-w.
    Hope your hubby gets feeling better soon

  8. More hugs for DH, that really sucks!

    You really stitched a lot! It's really pretty too.

  9. Hi Julie,

    You're a person after my owm heart as I have read some back blogs of yours and came across this little cry..
    'I must stop looking at cross stitch sites!' 'cos that's me too!
    Thank you for your comment on my hospital visit, I was no time at all, barely 20 mins actually in the hospital and for that I paid £3 parking fee!
    Since your visit I have added a photo of our new coffee table, Ooooo it does look nice.

    Chris x

  10. A good start! I stitched this one myself a couple of years ago as it's so appropriate for our vice of going out for tea and cake. (LOL)

  11. Julie...I couldn't resist tagging blog for details!

  12. Sorry about DH. I had one of those nasty things this summer. Root canal and crown later and I'm doing great. Same luck to you two.


  13. I hope all went well with your Dh's visit at the dentist.

  14. Looking good, I always stitch with the TV on


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