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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Stressful week

DH had yet another operation on his mouth on Wednesday, i cant tell you how much we hope this will be the last of it and he can be pain free. He's recovering from the other surgery well and is back at the Dr's for a checkup tomorrow, still some bruising but we dont envisage any problems there except maybe a couple more weeks off on the sick.

On Thursday evening Mr Moe (our big kitty, pic in my sidebar) went out around 9pm, he's usually out only a short time and then keen to come in and settle down on my bed to wait for a cuddle up with mum. It was getting really late and he wasn't home, eventually we went to bed but hardly slept all night and kept coming down and calling him. Still no sign of him all day Friday, we searched the streets, asked neighbours if they had seen him but to no avail. He finally came home in a terrible state Friday evening around 8pm. A phone call to the emergency vet service and they wanted to see him immediately and from what we told them he thought maybe he had been poisoned. After a lot of tests, the vet decided the problem was with his throat and the stuff that was all over his fur causing the matting was his own saliva. He might have been trapped somewhere and calling for help causing the throat to be inflammed and over production of saliva or possibly got tangled in something and not able to escape causing restriction and over production again. He was given anti inflammatory injection and pain killer and sent home with strict instructions to keep him warm and quiet all weekend and monitor him. He's eaten nothing, drank a little but still has no meoowww at all and is still producing the thick saliva. I guess he'll have to go back again tomorrow for the camera to be put down his throat for a closer inspection, poor little sweetheart.

I have done a little stitching, finished off and made up these from this years JCS Christmas Ornament 2008
JBW 'Joy'
Fabric - 28ct jobelan plum blossom, Threads - DMC

Elizabeth Designs 'Holly House'
Fabric - 28ct silkweaver Antique Gold, Threads - DMC, Beads - Mill Hill seed beads

Gaynor recently had a RAK drawing on her blog and i was a lucky winner. Saturday a lovely envelope arrived full of goodies. If you haven't visited her blog, its a great read and she posts some wonderful pictures of local scenery around her. Thank you Gaynor, it really gave me a much needed lift.

She's posted a swop on her blog this weekend, if you need aida and have evenweave you wont stitch on pop over and have a looksee, maybe you can do a deal with her or find something in her eshop that you've just got to have LOL

My ornament in the exchange at JA arrived as well, but i cant show you the amazing thing that was stitched until partners are revealed early next month. All i will say is the stitcher did a super job and i will treasure it. Thank you 'mystery stitcher' a perfect design for me and so delicately stitched. The one i stitched was wrapped and sent off this week too.

I hope you are having a good weekend, we woke up to a covering of snow this morning, but it was all gone again by 10am!


  1. Hope Mr Moe is recovering
    Those ornis are super I love the Joy one

  2. Oh no, poor Mr. Moe! I hope he gets better soon. Please keep us updated!

    Love the ornaments. Congratulations on the RAK win! How fun!

  3. I hope Mr Moe is OK..poor little thing, and hubby is not feeling too bruised and sore. Lovely ornaments...I keep looking at them to see how you hide the ends of the border edging hehe

  4. Julie ... what a week you've had! Lots of hugs to you and your family! I hope that Mr Moe and DH are seeing the last of doctors for a very long time!

    The stitching finishes, as always, are beautiful!


  5. Oh poor puddy cat!! Hope Mr Moe is ok, and I hope your DH recoups soon!!
    Beautiful stitching!! I love how you finish yours, I need some lessons!

  6. I sure hope Mr. Moe pulls through o.k.
    You sure have your hands full with the little kitty and your hubby.
    Your ornies are fabulous.
    I can't wait to see that exchange.

  7. Poor Kitty hope he is ok soon. Nice ornaments and a lovely RAK pressie!!

  8. Hope your DH will be fine after the surgery - what an ordeal he's been through. And I also hope Mr. Moe will recover quickly. What wonderful ornaments - so beautiful and Christmassy. Hope next week will be a lot better for you. All the best to you.

  9. Hope dh is recovering well from the operation.

    Sorry to hear about Mr Moe. Do hope he'll recover very soon too.

    I love your recent ornaments! Great job!

  10. Wow... hope kitty gets better real soon. Seems he likes to wander into trouble, maybe.

    So you got snow? I wonder who sent that over.

    Mrs. Doubtfire?.... really? Now I'm sending a blizzard over! ROFLMBO

    Nices stitches :oD

  11. Hope DH and Mr Moe both recover well! Best wishes to them both. Your two ornies are lovely! And I slept in this morning - by the time I got up, the snow had gone! LOL!

  12. Awww poor Mr. Moe! I wouldn't of slept either if it had been one of my boys!

    Lovely ornies

  13. Take care of Mr. Moe (hubby, too!). Rose has been gone a month and what I'd give to have her back. Could he have been bitten by a wasp, bee or snake?

    Love the ornies. I'm beginning to make mini pillows out of mine because they just look cuter.

    Good luck with your patients.

  14. I do hope your poor Mr Moe gets better soon - we had a similar situation with one of our cats, so I know how worried you must be.
    Beautiful stitching!
    Take care.

  15. Poor Mr Moe, hope he gets well soon, DH too of course!
    Lovely ornaments

  16. Lovely ornaments Julie! How do you do that edging on the red one? very pretty!

  17. Awww poor dh and poor kitty! Good that it wasn't poison. Our cat was poisoned and it caused her to have a stroke. Well done on winning. Love the ornies. xx

  18. I hope your DH makes a good recovery this time and that's an end to it. I bet he's really fed-up of it.

    Hope Mr Moe is better soon too.

    Love both the ornies. I need to have a finishing day but I've got to finish stitching them yet!

    DH and I are Christmas shopping this week so I'm way behind with blogs and forums! My feet hurt from all the tramping around! LOL!


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