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Saturday, 8 November 2008

Surgery over ...

We arrived at the hospital at 7.30am for DH's scheduled surgery yesterday. All the preliminary tests were fine and the operation went well. After a tiring day we arrived home around 6.30pm. He has to have 2 weeks complete rest now and then 6 weeks light duties and he should be good as new. He doesn't like to be inactive so it's going to be a fun 2 weeks.

When i was looking for something small to take with me, i came across the 2005 Nashville free design from LHN 'Thankful' and decided it was an apropriate chart to stitch as i would be very thankful if everything turned out well on the day. Inbetween reading my book and the daily newspaper i only managed to get a little stitched. Stitching frogs lurk in hospitals as well and are keen to stop you making any progress!!

When catching up on blogs today, i had a lovely surprise. Mylene had a drawing for her 3rd blogoversary and i was picked as the winner. She is a wonderful stitcher and her finishes are gorgeous, if you haven't visited her blog, it's well worth a visit. Thank you Mylene. xx

Karen and i have begun our SAL again this month. This time we chose Country Cottage Needleworks The Tea Room. We've decided to post update pics Sundays only. As Karen works nights and her shift pattern changes this means she can stitch any day of the week and not be committed to a certain day. I stitched on mine at the stitchy club on Wednesday and have an update to show you tomorrow ....

Hope you're having a good weekend


  1. Glad everything went well for your DH, oh boy will you need to strap him down then?
    Congrats on being Mylene's winner!!

  2. Julie,

    I'm so happy to hear that everything went well for DH's surgery. I wish him a speedy recovery.

  3. So glad that DH's surgery went well Julie, just handcuff him to the sofa, that will stop him misbehaving lol. Hugs

  4. So happy that your DH is doing well.
    I wanted to to thank you for your Reading list you have listed here on your blog. Because of your list I ordered The Wise Women by Phillippa Gregory. I just got it form Amazon this morning and can't wait to start it!!

  5. glad every thing went well for DH

  6. so glad everything went well Julie! The 2 weeks will go really fast I bet & then your husband can slowly begin normal activities!!!
    the frog has been here too! He sure gets around!!!

  7. Glad all went well with your DH's op - hope he takes it easy & recovers well.
    Congrats on winning Mylene's draw. :0)
    Nice new start.

  8. So glad everything went well with the DHs op. I don't know this little LHN design so will look forward to seeing it grow, and what a lovely sentiment I am sure we all have lots to be thankful for.

  9. 2 weeks complete bed rest... you poor woman! LOL. Best of luck with THAT! Does he stitch? ROFL

    Looking forward to updates on the Nashville freebie and perhaps SAL?


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