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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Tiny Tucks

I love a quick stitch and finish project, you get such satisfaction from stitching something and finishing it in one session, is that mad or are you the same??

These cute little tucks were a competition win from Joann last year. I'm sure some of you have seen Joann's superb skills with the sewing machine before, she makes a lot of the mini exchange items for us at TS. The designs are from the 1998 issue of World of Cross Stitch. Can you imagine all the space i would need if was still collecting every issue of the magazine 10 years on!

Back to the dentist we went on Monday, seems DH has the hugest of abcess under the cheekbone so is on even stronger meds, no work again this week then. Talk about bad timing, the hospital rang to schedule his urgent 'other operation' for this Friday. We've had to decline the appointment and its been rescheduled for Friday 7th November. He'll then have a few more weeks off work. Being self employed its not good, but i'm sure we'll get by. Christmas will have to be an old fashioned one this year with lots of handmade goodies for the family and even further cutbacks for us here.

Tonight it's the stichy club and i have kitted up a nice new project to take with me, something i have been meaning to stitch for a while. I'll save that for another time though when i can show you a WIP piccie.

Happy Stitching


  1. awwww poor Mr P
    the ornis look great I have some tucks perhaps I should pull my finger out and do something with them

  2. Those are really cute finishes! I like quick and easy stitches too.

    Poor DH; he's having a time of it. :o(

  3. Love the tucks Julie.
    Sorry to hear about DH, hope he's feeling better soon.

  4. Julie,

    Your tuck ornaments are really cute!

    I'm sorry your husband is still having pain. I hope the medications work quickly to give him some relief.

  5. Great stitching and yes I love quick stitc projects too esp as i can do them at night when my concentration isnt so good and light poor

  6. Lovely tucks....good luck to DH for the 7th.
    I am sure you are not the only one with a cutback Christmas....I am busy making gifts for all this year...

  7. Lovely tuck ornaments Julie.
    Poor DH, that doesn't sound at all like fun :(

  8. Sorry hubby has an abcess. They hurt. :o(

    Nice little finishes. Yes, every now and then, it's nice to have a quick finish... it's like having a shot of Pepsi (or whatever you like to drink) ;o)

  9. The tucks are gorgeous Julie...I was looking at your Christmas post and I love Woof Spoken here...I followed your link and found the Meow spoken here freebie so thanks for the link. I would love to stitch that for my kitty friends for Christmas, but where to get square frames here..hmmmm lol

    Poor Dh, he must be in such pain. Hope he feels better soon...

    Happy stitching..hugs....

  10. Your poor DH - so hope he gets some relief soon, Bless him.
    Had quite a few of those sorts of Christmas's when we were younger so can sympathise. Hope the Universe sends some Good Luck your way very soon (((((hugs))))).
    Love those tucks - so cute! :0)

  11. Your Tiny Tucks are soooo cute, Julie.

    hope DH feels better soon.

  12. Those tucks are gorgeous Julie.

    Hope DH is feeling better real soon. That's a bummer that he could have had his op. Still it's not that far to November now,

  13. adorable little finishes. Yes, a quick, start to finish project is the best!!!!! Love it!!
    Hope your DH is feeling better now!!!

  14. what sweet little finishes Julie.


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