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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Recycling at it's best!

Charity shops have the loveliest things in them sometimes.

My friend said she saw this lovely tin tea tray and immediately thought of me, so she bought it for me. I'm so pleased she picked it, apparently it was only a very small amount of money, but now it can be well loved and used at my home. The only thing is, i've found myself wondering what kind of friend it belonged to and how sad that it was in there looking for a new home, i wonder why?

DH had his operation on the tooth yesterday, he says the pain is a different kind now, so we're hoping when the bruising goes away so will all the pain too. He's off work again today recovering and not dozing, he calls it 'inspecting the inside of his eyelids' in the chair. I think i might just go and make a cup of tea and see if i can tempt him with a biscuit or slice of cake, all served up on this lovely tray of course, would anyone care to join us .....


  1. Waving...... Gooweeeeeeee......Waving.....
    Me please, need a cuppa and a slice of cake would go down just nicely with it. Still a mess in my house, what with the Kitchen and DH taking in extra furniture (not that we need it) from his Dads house! Also I've taken on a job at the moment, 10am till 2pm. Fits in just nice with the kids. The only thing is, I have to walk for 4 hrs. My feet and legs are paying for it but hopefully I'll be trimmer in the long run. Its only for 6 - 7 weeks and the extra cash will be nice. Hope to see you tomorrow at stitchy club, everything crossed!! BIG Hugs, Stephie x x

  2. I would love a snack and a tea right now! All my studying has made me hungry!

    I hope that the surgery fixed DH's tooth problem!

    What a very sweet friend for thinking of you that way!!

  3. I hope DH is OK and surgery has worked. Great find in the charity shop - I agree it is a shame about the original owner.

    Decaf coffee for me and of course a biccie.

  4. Great Tray Julie how sweet of your friend
    PS Stephie the cakes are on my blog lol
    Happy stitching

  5. Two sugars and have you any chocolate biccys or cake!!
    Lovely Find that your friend gave you!!

  6. What a lovely tray, yes a cup of tea sounds great, and a lovely slice of chocolate cake for me!!

  7. How kind of your friend. I love chartity shops, you can find some real treasures.
    Hope DH feels better soon

  8. glad the surgery went well! even if there is pain after. :o(

    I love his description of a nap, hahaha... I'll have to steal it sometime.

    Take care and enjoy your snacks! You're such a kindly lady. :o)

    Love the tin.

  9. Are you kidding, real men never nap in the daytime! I hope the dental work takes care of his pain.

  10. Julie,

    The tray is lovely. The colors are so pretty.

    I hope your DH heals quickly. It sounds like you're taking great care of him.

  11. What an awesome tray. Such a good friend to pick it up for you.

    Hope Hubby is feeling better soon.

  12. I'd love to join you, Julie. Sounds wonderful!

    What a wonderful hug your friend gave to you in that pretty tray. The sentiment is so true!

  13. Oooh yes a cuppa and a biccie or even a slice of cake would ne lovely Julie, especially with you:)

    I hope DH is recovering well now and the pain is going.

    Lovely tray your friend found in the charity shop. What a shame though that it found it's way in there but lovely that it's now yours and will be put to good use and looked after. Unless the owner had passed away and someone had been clearing a house out.

  14. What beautiful words, and how lovely of your friend to buy it for you.

  15. Not only a lovely tray but a lovely friend who would treat you. Cost is irrelevant the thought is what counts and this was a really lovely thought.

  16. Shucks, too late for the cake again! LOL
    Hope the op has sorted out your DH's tooth problem. My DH does a lot of inspecting too. :0)
    What a lovely lady your friend is Julie - such a kind thought to go with the gift. You are truly Blessed. :0)

  17. What a lovely tray from your friend.
    Hope your dh get to feel better soon.


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