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Thursday, 16 October 2008

Halloween Exchange

At last!!! the halloween exchange has arrived, how come my last envelope took only 5 days to get over the pond and yet this one took over 2 weeks, i was getting a bit worried that it had parachuted out the aeroplane and escaped.

Joann made these lovely tuck bags for us, we had no idea what design would be on the fabric, it was a nice surprise when they arrived and you had to choose an appropriate chart to fit the hole and match with the fabric. This design is from the latest halloween edition of Just Cross Stitch and is Batty Jack by Just Nan. I forgot to take a pic of the goodies that are it there, sorry.

Thursday again and i spent a nice relaxing hour at my yoga class. We had a lovely session today and i drove home to the music playing and me singing away in the car, its been a little while since i've been in that good a mood. Pulling on the driveway there was someone at the front door, it was an old friend who needed my order for the Christmas meal that we go to at the local catering college end of November. It's lovely to get silver service at the table by the students and it always brings back lovely memories of when i was there ... all those years ago .... getting my City and Guilds Qualifications to be a hotel receptionist/housekeeper. Guess what i ordered, why it was the traditional Christmas dinner and pud of course LOL


  1. Your bag looks great mine arrived over the pond as well, strange how these took so long lol other envelopes the same size and cost arrived within a week these seemed to take forever.
    Yum Christmas Dinner

  2. Julie, your little bag is so CUTE! Great choice of chart!

    Um, can you mail me a Christmas Dinner Doggie Bag???

  3. I love the bag, the design fits it perfecto!

  4. What a sweet bag!!

    I was singing right along with you today, Julie! It was a fabulously happy one for me!

  5. Super little treat bag! It must have taken the scenic route ;D.

  6. What a cute little bag Julie. Shame it took so long to get over the pond. I wonder what the postal service do sometimes!

    Your Christmas dinner sounds yummy.

  7. Lovely bag, I love the halloween material. Can't believe it is getting that close to be thinking about Christmas Dinner!!

  8. Yup, that's a long trip across the puddle. Glad it didn't jump. LOL

    Are visions of sugar plums dancing in your head? :o) A fancy dinner will be nice for you.

  9. Thanks for your sympathies, Julie!
    They really mean alot to me.
    {{{HUGZ}}} back.

  10. What a great design you did for the bag!!

  11. Very cute Halloween bag.
    Hope the good mood has carried over, to be enjoyed for a bit longer. :0)
    My DSis is going out for Christmas Day dinner this year so we're staying home - & DH does the cooking! :D

  12. Your halloween bag looks great. Well done!

  13. What a lovely little bag - great exchange - lucky you.


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