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Saturday, 25 October 2008

Is it really a week since i blogged?

Sorry readers, this week seems to have passed me by in a wave of nothingness!

The big news here is that my DD is fleeing the nest (she jumped, i didn't push) with her boyfriend, they have decided its time to play house together. They collect the keys for their new place next Saturday. Such perfect timing as we had confirmation that DH will be in the hospital 7th November for his op, that means i can play nursey and take good care of him all on my own, i'll be heaps lighter running up and down the stairs to pamper to his every whim, maybe the wobbly bits won't wobble so much!

On one of the MB's i visit, Clare told us that she was decorating a tree in her church for the Christmas season. She has decided all the ornaments will be stitched and asked if anyone would like to send one to add to it. I chose and stitched this one and have posted it off this morning. It's the first time i've stitched a Shepherds Bush design, this one came from the Just Cross Stitch ornament edition 2004. I didn't have the specialist threads it asks for so substituted DMC. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out, i think i'll be doing the others in this series too.

Karen posts pics of some fabulous sunrises and sunsets on her blog, being at the seaside the views are amazing, i've often asked her to send me a nice pink sky too ... Woohoooo Karen, this morning on your way home from work your telepathic skills outdid themselves, look what i woke up to .... it was like the Northern Lights we were in a 'pink out'. One pic is outside my front door and the other from the back garden and yes i was in my pj's in the street at 7am. Can i book another for next Saturday morning, it was a lovely way to spend an hour sitting, watching and drinking tea LOL

When the postie came, my day got even better, through the letterbox dropped the JCS ornament issue, another cup of tea and an hour browsing through that. Hope you all had an enjoyable Saturday too.


  1. very nice sunrise, I think you got all our colours today , its been very dull grey and damp here lol
    nice orni

  2. the pictures are gorgeous!!!! I love looking at everyone's nature scenes!
    The ornament you did for the church tree is beautiful! I love the finish on it! Great job!
    So, will you have an empty nest when your daughter moves out?

  3. Oh I love the ornament - thanks for doing one.

    Good luck to DD and BF - they must be very excited.

    And yes I think Saturday mornings should always start that way - especially if Postie brings goodies too.

  4. Lovely photos. glad you managed to cpature the pink sky! Love that little ornament too.
    Yes I watched Stricty and agree several struggled this week - I think Mark may go.

  5. Wow that is some sunrise! My DH was up at dawn to go down to the quarry and take pictures, but our sunrise wasn't anywhere near as spectacular as that

  6. Oh wow what a gorgeous sunrise! I really do need to get up earlier in a morning!

    Love the ornament you stitched for Clare. It's beautiful.

    Good luck to Amy and her boyfriend:)

  7. Good luck for your DD and her BF to their new home.

    The ornament is really pretty. I'd love to see the tree all decorated.

    Lovely sunset. It has been so rainy and dark here so I haven't got a change to take a pictures like that.

  8. You will miss DD (for all of a month roflmao).

    The ornament is lovely as are your sunsets but I thought I was on the wrong blog when I saw them lol.

  9. "Red sky in the morning..." you must be having some cloudy rainy weather there today.

    Your little bird flew the coop, eh?
    Something tells me she will visit... I just pray that she doesn't bring you the laundry from her new nest, LOL.

    Glad you got the magazine and I like your little ornament.

  10. Beautiful pictures, Julie!
    I love the ornament you just finished, looks great. Well done!!

  11. Ooh, how exciting for your DD and her BF Julie. I hope you don't miss having her around too much.

    I love your SB ornie. I've always wanted to make a start on these myself.

  12. Oh I will dread the day any of my kids move out!!
    The ornie is lovely!!

  13. Good Luck to your DD & BF in their new home & (((((hugs))))) to you. Lovely ornie. The JCS mag has loads in I want to stitch. :0)


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