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Monday, 27 October 2008

I want to say a naughty word ...

The laptop has decided to throw a wobbly and it is off to the 'hospital' for the next 14 days or so, you would think i had enough going on right now without my relaxation time also being harrassed. I'll have to use the 'slow old guy' and it takes ages to load anything, so you might not see me around much till i get my lifeline back LOL

Monthly challenge revealed ...

I chose to stitch the freebie from Romy in Austria. Stitching 1x1 on a 28ct scrap of pink that had no label using Vicki Clayton silks in Cotton Candy and Rust. I decided on a simple frame finish which i edged with pinkish lace and am pleased how it turned out.

Halloween Exchange arrived ...

A lovely packed parcel arrived in the post today from Sherry, that yankee candle smells gorgeous and i can feel a chocolate overload coming on whilst i sulk about the laptop being away! Thanks Sherry it was a lovely parcel to open and certainly lifted my mood today.

and finally ... Warm Winter Wishes is finished and made into a pocketed pinkeep. This is going to be a Christmas pressie for a friend. She is not a stitcher so in the pocket at the back i have put 3 different hot chocolate drinks as she has a passion for these.

The chart is now available so if you would like to be entered into the draw, please let me know in your comment.

Take care and fingers crossed the PC Dr can fix Mr Laptop quickly and i will be back to 'normal' soon


  1. Love your finish of Romy's freebie. Especially the pink lace around the project. Also love how the Warm Winter Wishes turned out, lovely. Sorry to hear about your laptop, hope it will be fine in no time. :-) Take care!

  2. Your pink in beautiful, 1:1 was well worth it. Fabulous package.
    Can I copy your WWW and make mine out of a pinkeep too? I still have to make a finish for it.
    Fingers crossed for the pc fix.
    We only get dial-up, there is no cable here and there are too many trees for satelite, :(

  3. Great finishes Julie, love the ideam of the hot choc sachets in the back of the pinkeep!
    Hope your laptop gets better soon.

  4. Your finishing is so good - I could do with a lesson or two - great idea about the hot chocolate :)

  5. so sorry about the laptop. My Dh's computer is down, so I can relate.
    Your finishes all look great!!!! Love how you finished your snowman!! I should be done stitching mine yet today!! Woohoo!!!! It is such a cutie!!

  6. Your SAl challenge is beautiful Julie:) Love the pink lace.

    Of course I adore Warm Winter Wishes and how you've finished it.

    I hope your laptop is fixed soon.

  7. Lovely finishes Julie will miss you not blogging but will keep an eye out for your return

  8. Hi, just found your blog from Shellies whom I found get it. Blogathon today.

    I love your pink finish, the colour scheme is perfect!
    Great blog


  9. I love your monthly challenge piece. The lace round the edge really sets it off.
    WWW came out really well too.
    Hope your computer is fixed soon.

  10. Great finishes Julie! Sorry to hear about your laptop. You could always look at it as more stitching time, but you always seem to have lots of finishes. Unlike pokey old me.

  11. Well done on the finishes, they are beautiful.

  12. Lovely finish on WWW. It turned out beautifully.

  13. Beautiful finish for Romy's piece!
    I love this design and your finishing is so lovely!

  14. I love your pink piece. The pink lace edge is so soft and pretty. Winter Wishes is brings a smile to my face. I've only had my laptop since May, but would be lost without it. Hope yours comes home soon.

  15. super finishes, sorry your computer is playing up

  16. Laptops are not meant for aerobics... tell that to the laptop when it get back from the hospital, LOL.

    Nice stitches! Cute idea for the hotchocolate lover. Ever see the ones with tea pouches? Gave one to my Mom for Christmas one year.

  17. congrats on all the finishes! i hope the laptop comes home soon :) please enter me in the draw please

  18. I am sorry to hear about your laptop. It's a bummer but I hope it better that a new one when you get it back. I love Warm Winter Wishes so please enter me in the draw.

  19. Love how you've finished your challenge piece Julie, and Warm Winter Wishes is so cute!

    Hope your laptop isn't too sick and is back home soon!

  20. Naughty Laptop!! Hope the 'old guy' isn't too slow for you!!
    Lovely pics and finishes,and a lovely package from Sherry!

  21. Warm Winter Wishes is so very cute.

  22. Love your Warm Winter Wishes finish, well done Julie. Your friend will love it.

    UH OH, I hope you have your laptop back soon and it's all better when it comes home. I'd miss mine terribly if I didn't have

    Your Pink Piece is gorgeous ....
    Aren't those Yankee candles heavenly?

    Hugs and Happy stitching....

  23. One thing is certain Julie and that is without the lap top more stitching will get done

  24. Love your Challenge & WWW finish. Fun exchange piece & gifts too - enjoy! LOL


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