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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Who won the contest?

Its been a really soggy weekend here, lots of rain and flooding in some areas, and with the prediction of more to come this week, i think my wellington boots might be having an outing!!

DH has been off to the veg patch inbetween the heavy showers and picked lots of produce, so i've spent most of the weekend preparing green beans and french beans for the freezer, and making jam from the bucketful of raspberries he brought back. There was also a load of beetroot that is now pickled in jars ready for a nice cheese sandwich.

For those of you who asked about Midge, here he is today curled up nice and snug in the conservatory keeping out of the bad weather. He seems a but more lethargic than normal but i guess when you've had a lump removed from inside your mouth it's a little sore and you need some sympathy and lots of cuddles from your humans, he's certainly not short on those. We're back at the vets Tuesday for a check up and the results should be back from the lab then.

DH nearly blew a gasket watching the Formula 1 Grand Prix this afternoon, the last couple of laps he was up and down off the sofa shouting and oohhing and aaahhhing, bless the poor man it doesnt take much to get him hot under the collar!!! After it was all over and he was catching his breath i took him a cup of coffee and a couple of his favourite ginger biscuits. I added the dish with the drawing for the Elizabeth Designs charts onto the tray as well. I'd written out all the names and cut them up ready to do yesterday, but of course another of those forgetful moments ... i'm sure you all have them.

CONGRATULATIONS LYNN ...... DH picked your name out. Please can you email me your address and i'll get them in the post to you. Thank you all for your comments on that post, it was a record number of comments i've ever had, 26 in fact!!!

I did manage a little stitching this afternoon and finished a small gift for an exchange so i can't show you that. I really should have done the Papillon SAL but i wasn't in the mood to concentrate on that and didn't want to get a visit from Mr Frog. Hopefully next time i'll have that done and be able to show you.

I hope you all had a nice weekend


Ginnie said...

Poor Midge I hope he feels better soon.
Your veg sounds great, we have a small patch in the garden, I believe we have some beetroot and beans to pick over the next few dyas.

brokenfairy said...

Oh Yummy Cheese and Beetroot fav ;0)
That jam does look yummy!
Congratulations Lynn!!

Karan said...

Congratulations Lynn - well deserved. :0)
Poor Midge, hope he feels much better soon. Still got my fingers crossed - makes stitching real hard but he's worth it. :0)
The jam looks rather nice. My MIL makes her own jam too - tastes waaay better than shop bought. Home grown & pickled beetroot too. I'm drooling here Julie! LOL

Lori-Ann said...

Congrats to Lynn.

Glad Midge is resting and taking advantage of the human sympathy. Poor thing.

Yum...home made jams. Lucky household!

Sally said...

I do hope Midge is feeling feeling better soon Julie.

I hope the rain stays away for a bit. We were very lucky yesterday as it stayed fine all day and it's sunny now but it keeps clouding over.

COngratulations Lynn!

"Magnolia" said...

Aw, Midge looks so comfy! Please give him an ear scratch from me, Julie!

(Mental Note: Find out what "beetroot" is...LOL)

Paula said...

Good luck at the vet tomorrow with Midge Julie, please let me know how you get on.....purrs from Amber & Daisy to Midgey...

Congrats to Lynn on winning your charts...

Karen said...

jam looks great
good luck for Midge tomorrow

becca said...

Hope midge is feeling better soon.

You've been busy!I remember growing up with a large veggie garden, all the work mom had to do to "save" the veggies. It was a long process.

Congrats to Lynn!

sarah said...

what did your hubby think after the stewards handed teh penalty to hamilton? bet the air was blue then!!
hope midge feels better soon

Lynn said...

OH THANK YOU! I can't believe I've won them, thank you so much for picking my name out Julie's DH lol

I hope the results for Midge are good ones, and he recovers quickly, poor puss, it can't be nice when you don't know what's going on.

Is there no end to your talents Julie? Jam making, pickling beetroot, knitting, stitching, the list goes on .. I wish I had half of your talent (((hugs)))

Elisa said...

OOOO cheese and beetroot

I hope all went well with Midge at the vets :0)

Well done Lynn on winning the draw!!

Stitchingranny said...

Congratulations Lynn. I am afraid I missed your lovely draw because im playing catch up again. I guess I should cut down on the amount of blogs I read but I do love them all lol.

Glad midge is recovering and hope the results are good.

Let me know if there is a stitching shop in the new centre and I will be on the next train lol.

fireflydreams said...

Oh isn't he sweet all curled up.

I've got some beetroot to pickle too, but can't get any normal vinegar at the moment, just the fancy stuff with cider and other such flavours.