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Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Good news ...

Midges appointment at the vets went well. Apparently there is no sign of cancer in the lump they removed but it does show rapid tissue growth. She thinks maybe he bit something like mouse or bird bones as they are brittle and it went in deep. The area is still not fully healed and it should be by now so she wants to see him again in 2 weeks to check it again. Thank you for you kind wishes for him, he sends lots of purrrs to you all.

Finally got Parts 7 & 8 of the Papillon SAL stitched, only 4 more parts to do. It really is a colourful piece and the range of stitches in it are fantastic. The stitch diagrams are superb, if you haven't tried some of these stitches i would highly recommend you go over to Papillon Creations and download this one and give it a go.

Tonight it's the stitchy club and i've kitted up something for the halloween exchange at TS, a nice little chart by a designer i really like. I wont be able to show you it though till its received, i seem to be saying that a lot recently dont i LOL

It's that time of the year when we all get in a panic and realise that there are not many weeks till Christmas and there was so much we wanted to do this year and be prepared. Have you done any stitching for it yet this year? I've made a start on some surprises but failed in my plan to stitch an ornie a month like i did last year .... Oh well, there's next year!


  1. so glad that it wasn't anything to serious with Midge. I hope he recovers quickly.
    Love the Papillon sal the colours are gorgeous, I really must pick up mine again.

  2. your PAP is coming along wellthe colours are lovely

  3. I think I may go to this Papillon place, because everytime I see your updated picture of it, I just ache to stitch it up too. (don't remind me how many I want to stitch up...I'm conventiently forgetting that) LOL.

    Glad Midge's bump is gone. Fast recovery, Midge!

    Oh, Christmas? what's that? (denial, again). hehe

  4. So glad Midge is on the mend, Julie!

    Your WIP is absolutely gorgeous. You do such beautiful work.

    I have done a few ornaments this year. I just wish I wasn't so "finishing challenged" and could do something with them other than just stitching!

  5. So pleased to hear all is well with Midge...sending him some purrs back.
    PAP is looking fabulous, I am still not completed on part 2...but I did re-start it....I am trying to do my Christmas stitching.

  6. Only 106 days until Christmas Julie ;)

    Get well soon Midge, from Cheeky and Rascal xx

  7. Glad Midge is getting better.
    Your Papillon is just stunning, so bright and colourful you could almost forget the dismal weather (almost...)

  8. WooHoo So happy to read that Midge is on the mend!!

    Your PAP is looking gorgeous. I may have to try my hand at that one...ONE DAY!! LOL

  9. glad to hear the cat is doing better!!!
    The stitching is beautiful!!!!
    Have fun at your stitch in tonight!!

  10. I am so happy to hear such good news about Midge! Yay!

  11. Your Papillon SAL is looking beautiful, Julie. Good to hear Midge is getting better.

    With x'mas stitching, i did manage to finish atleast one each month till now, though a few aren't completed it yet(into an ornament), i did got behind with the x'mas card making(stitched) one...

  12. mmm well i was going to stitch at least one card per month (i think ive done three lol).

    I am behind on papillon - I am behind on everything but I am going to try this weekend - well thats the plan so far, and i certainly will not win ufo stitcher of the year as i am behind on that yet again too.

  13. So pleased that it wasn't anything nasty with Midge. Give him a gentle from me:)

    Your PC looks gorgeous Julie. I really love the bright colours you're using.

    No Christmas stitching done here either well except for A Quaker Christmas! I had plans to stitch DH and I a stocking each but not sure I'll get them done now!

  14. So glad that Midge is going to be fine. Hope he heals quickly.
    You PAP is lovely.

  15. Wow, this piece is really gorgoues. Such pretty colors ;)

  16. Great news about Midge. :0)
    Papillon is gorgeous. :0)

  17. I am so glad to hear your lump wasn't cancer! I had a scare a year and a half ago and it was a terrifying couple of months in my life! So I understand.

    That piece from Papillon is gorgeous!


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