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Saturday, 13 September 2008

It's the weekend!

I met with a stitchy friend yesterday afternoon. She was passing through the City i live in. We spent a nice couple of hours together chatting and drinking tea. Thank you Kathy (no blog) for taking time to meet me in your busy weekend. I hope you made it safely to your SIL's and had a nice visit there too.

I have done a small amount of stitching. My design for the halloween exchange at TS is finished, i just need to find some goodies to go inside it now. Post out date isn't till early next month but it's nice to be organised and ready in plenty of time.

I think this weekend i'll try to complete the challenge piece for JA. The chart this month is from Windy Willows called NOEL. I've got no idea what fabric or thread to use so it could be a long morning if i have to get 'everything' out the cupboard and start fondling and drooling over stuff i'd forgotten about and of course there is also the chance that it might not even get started if i get too carried away LOL

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. I did hear a whisper from the weatherman that Mr Sun might be making an appearance, watch out washing machine you might just be in for a marathon work out!


  1. It is lovely to meet up with stitchy friends.
    I have also finished the Tuck exchange it is ready and wrapped for posting!!
    The sun is out at the moment let's hope he stays for a while!!

  2. Enjoy Mr. Sun... he must have left us to visit you.

  3. The sun is shining here Julie! I just put a load of washing out earlier though and the sea mist came in! Grrrrr! I left it out though!

  4. We had Mr Sun yesterday and he has made anapperance this morning too...hope you overdo the
    Good luck with your MC peice

  5. Julie, Mr Sun was here all day yesterday, so warm it was too, and its a bright morning here today, but we are off to Northern Ireland shopping hopefully it's not too hot! lol

    Just read how Midgey got on at the vets I'm thrilled to hear such good news. Our kitties really know how to test us don't they? Bless, give him plenty of head scratches from me and fingers crossed the wound will heal up quickly.

    Hugs, happy stitching and knitting......


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