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Sunday, 14 September 2008

No stitchy pics (AGAIN!)

On Chris's blog last week she showed homemade cakes for DH's birthday...yummy! One of them was a beetroot cake. A recipe was found here and yesterday afternoon i made this one with our own beetroot. There is only a bit left, a friend had a piece last night then came back this morning for a 2nd piece and the family also love it. Chris says it's a healthy option, 1 of your 5 a day - does that mean i could have 5 pieces a day LOL

I had a pressie yesterday. Amy (DD) came home from her shift on the Customer Service Desk at Tesco with some great news. She has been selected to complete the NVQ in retail for her store together with 3 others. As a celebration she treated me to the latest Cath Kidston designer bag they are stocking to help you to recylce and use your own bags. My daughter sure knows how to bring a smile to my face.

This blog seems to be missing the stitching plot recently and i bet you all think i'm turning into Barbara Good of The Good Life. We are not quite as bad as they are, but we are making efforts to save money and produce as much of our own food as we can and save it for over the winter months. I am doing craft stuff, although what i am doing is for Christmas secret stuff or exchanges so i cant show you. I did finish off a knitted Christmas gift this morning. I've also been reading my book which cuts into free time as well, it's a mammoth size over 1,000 pages and i'm not a fast reader. Karen and I were reading Child of the Phoenix together as she is a Barbara Erskine fan too but she's finished hers so i need to read more and PC less i think this week.

for stopping by, i do appreciate your visits.
Julie xxx


  1. I have never heard of beetroot. We have a veggie called a beet, do you think its the same thing.
    I try to use my own bags, I am getting better at remembering to take then in with me, lol

  2. My Sis made a chocolate and beetroot cake, it was nice.
    I think I mught have to take a trip up to Tesco's to see if they have any of those bags!!

  3. We have just picked our beetroot but my hubbie wants to pickle it! Must try to persuade him as a cake sounds more yummy!!

  4. I like the sound of the beetroot cake. My mistress needs to be kept busy!Please can you send the recipe my way. Was your friend "bleating" about the cake ?lol
    Cheers Spice

  5. nice looking cake, I like the bag Amy got you , glad she got on the NVQ course

  6. The cake looks yummy!!
    I do like baking and trying new recipes but haven't done it for a long long time, it wasn't good for our diet-especially Kees, but might try or have to in a couple of weeks for DD's birthday.

  7. Cake looks yummy. Trying to do a bit more home baking myself. Victoria sponge today and its apple pie tomorrow. Never been any good at pastry so we will have to see! LOL

  8. Thanks for the recipe - I'm definately going to give it a go.

    It can be dificult to share what you are stitching when the are all exchanges pieces or gifts - looking forward to seeing your work when you can show us.

  9. That cakes looks so good! I may need to try it! I love the bag too. I have lots that I have collected from various places to use in place of plastic!

  10. The cake looks good Julie, I might try it with the beetroot from my garden.

    Yes my parents and I are being like The Good's too. I've had potatoes, onions, spring onions, courgettes and beetroot. I've made 4 apple pies and stuck them in the freezer, from cooking apples a friend gave me. My parents grow far more than I do and they just planted the christmas potatoes last week.

    I seem to be doing more in the garden than I am stitching these days.

  11. Your cake looks yummy, Julie! Thanks for the info on beetroot. We call them just beets here, and they're usually pickled.

    Lovely bag. Your DD knows what you like!

  12. The cake looks good... when can I swim over? ;o)

    Very nice gift. Going green is great.

  13. I have got to try making one of those! Thanks for the recipe link.
    Congratulations to Amy for getting on to the NVQ

  14. Your beetroot cake looks delicious Julie.

    That is a lovely bag from Tesco's. I am getting better at using less plastic carriers. I have several fabric bags and some of the bags for life too.

  15. Ooo that cake looks tasty! Kids: just when you think you could quite happily trade them in for another cat they go & do something nice. LOL Lovely bag, btw. :0)
    It's good to grow your own veg: you know exactly what is/isn't going on it that way. :0)

  16. Julie...beetroot cake??? Hmm not sure about that one

    Love the bag DD got for you, must get my sister to send me

    Ww have to use our bags here or pay 22c for each plastic one that usually breaks it's best to use your own!

    What is the NVQ course that DD has been picked for?

    Happy stitching.....

  17. MMMM beetroot cake, I really must try it.

    I Lurve the bag...I feel a Tesco trip coming up this weekend :)

  18. I've never had beetroot cake. Sound interesting...looks yummy!

    Ah, your pretty shopping bag looks much better than the ugly, plain black ones my store sells! And yours is for charity too, wow!

  19. Hello

    Just stopping by to let you know I like your stitching (especially the way your garden grows ;-) )

  20. stopping in to say hello! The beetroot cake looks yummy. I've never heard of it.

    I'm also trying to use my own bags, bought several, but can't seem to remember to take them with me. LOL

  21. Mmm! beetroot cake, never had it but as it has a reference to cake in the title then I would try it LOL

    congatulations to Amy for getting her NVQ and what a lovely pressie from her. i have one of the Kath Kidson bags but it's one from early this year, they're really nice, better than a carrier bag!


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