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Thursday, 18 September 2008

I'm a big kid!

Did you see this film?
Are you a fan of Wallace and Grommit?

Yesterday DH had an appointment at the hospital, he has to go in for an operation before Christmas and then take some time off to rest, lots of waiting around so i got a lot of my book read. After we came out, we visited the New Walk Museum as it is just around the corner from the hospital. They have a temporary exhibition of 7 of the actual sets from this film and lots of other stuff on show, it was amazing! You could watch how the little wabbits were made, watch a film of the sets being built and see how some of the characters come to life (Wallace had 10 different mouth expressions that are added onto him). There was a lot of interactivity stuff as well. We watched a piece of film showing where the sound effects were supposed to go and then you had to try and put them in the correct place yourself, it was such fun when it was replayed back to you ... i failed miserably but it gave DH a good laugh. I think i am going to have to watch this one again at the weekend. I have nothing but praise for the guys who bring this sort of film to life, i love em ....

I have stitched a bit. The monthly challenge for JA is almost done, but i am no nearer putting that Peacock Chair together, still got a bit to stitch on that. Last night was the stitchy club but i took my knitting for a change as i wanted to chat and not have to frog out what i'd done due to lack of concentration LOL

It was a lovely sunny day today, it certainly puts a smile on your face.

love to you all


  1. I have finished stitching the challenge just need to put it together, Glad mr P has been and seen the cosultant now the wait for the date

    I am not a great fan of Wallace and grommet

  2. The museum sounds like a great place, I think all that kind of animation is amazing.

  3. I did see that movie, Julie, and it was good. Wish I had been with you to play with the figures and film. Sounds like so much fun!!

    The same guys did a kids TV series called "Sawn The Sheep" and it is even funnier. It's on our kids station here. I would put down stitching to catch the 20 minute shows anytime.

  4. Ooops... that should read "SHAWN The Sheep" ;O)

  5. I've seen the film and I love those little rabbits! :) The film is so funny. There are some jokes for kids and also some that only adults understand. When I saw it with my friend there was a lot of children and we ended up laughing in totally different places (like when the box said "may contain nuts" when Wallace was wearing it :D). I would have loved being there with you to see that exhibition.

  6. I loved that film and never tire of watching it! I bet the museum was brilliant.

    Pleased DH has finally seen the consultant and here's hoping it's not long before he gets his op.

  7. I love Wallace & Grommit - that sounds like a fab place to visit.

    I am a liitle behind with the monthly challenge - looking forward to seeing yours.

  8. I haven't seen that movie yet, but it sounds like something I need to see. The previews on TV were always funny...

    Can't wait to see what you've been working on. (((HUGS)))

  9. I love the W&G films, glad you had some fun at the museum

    I've not managed to get this months challenge started yet

  10. We are all big Wallace and grommit fans here too, the museum exhibition sounds like great fun.
    I've got my Monthly Challenge all stitched, but waiting for supplies to arrive for finishing.
    By the way, am I the only one who thinks its slightly lop-sided when its stitched up?

  11. Love W&G - that's the only film we haven't seen yet. The exhibition sounds great. :0)
    Hope DH doesn't have long to wait for his op.
    Got my Challnege piece finished last night - doing a pic for Karen shortly. Looking forward to Reveal Day. :0)

  12. Oh I do love Wallace & Gromit,have the other films on video(must update to DVD)
    The exhibition sounds wonderful!!
    Can't wait till you get that chair upholstered(sp)

  13. That's where we're heading off to on Monday Julie. Are there any T-Rex there? It's the dinosaurs they're going for apparently.


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