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Monday, 22 September 2008

Home life!

A lovely weekend with lots of autumnal sunshine, the garden looks good and some other jobs called for my attention too.

If your husband shouted he wanted you through the kitchen door and when you arrived he produced these lovely rose blooms to give to you would you be wondering what he wanted?? In this house it's a regular occurance, my DH knows i appreciate the simple and spontaneous things in life. We had been in the front garden cutting both of the large hedges, he did the cutting i did the sweeping up .... you would think he used a spirit level to get them straight, not a single twig out of place! I'd come in to make a cuppa and he decided a little thank you for my help was called for. This Queen Elizabeth rose is not a scented variety but her beautiful pink blooms are superb.

A difference of opinion from the family for this weeks baking session. Jam tarts using the homemade raspberry jam from last week was suggested and also flapjacks. As you can see, i made both and now not a crumb is left!

A visit to the allotment saw us coming back with a car full of produce. My pantry is well stocked with more jars of pickled beetroot and the autumn fruiting raspberrys gave me enough for some more jam. Rhubarb was in abundance and i now have 3 rhubarb crumbles in the freezer for future use. I spent some of the weekend in tears, onion peeling is not one of my favourite tasks, but it has to be done and there is now a supply of those in my freezer too ready for some nice winter casseroles together with the runner beans.

I did get some time to myself. The challenge for JA is all made up and a picture sent to Karen to put in the album ready for reveal day and i also finished that huge doorstop of a book, it was a good read and i enjoyed it in the end after it finally got going about 1/4 of the way through. Another knitted project was started and some TV was watched too. Saturday nights from now on i will be in control of the remote as i love Strictly Come Dancing and woe betide anyone who chatters when its on. I also watched the first episode of Merlin on Saturday night, did anyone else see that? What did you think to it?

Monday came round all too fast and brought with it some really cold and wet weather, i didn't want that after the last few nice days, i'd gotten used to the warm sunshine and being outside. Tonight we have a nice roaring fire in the hearth burning our logs/tree cuttings to keep us warm. Another penny pinching idea to save us some cash because i'm not putting the heating on just yet LOL


  1. nice jam tarts, I would love a real fire LOL we would probably set this place alight tho
    Lovely roses

  2. Hello Julie,

    Your tart look so yummy! My mouth is watering.

    I hope your week goes well.

  3. Jam tarts and you didn't same one for me...boohoo!!

    Glad you have completed your MC peice, mine was also photograped yesterday and emailed to Karen.

  4. Beautiful roses & a lovely gesture - he's definitely a keeper Julie. :0) Yummy baking, sounds like you've been ultra busy. Oo I have memories of pickling jars of onions at this end of the year... didn't enjoy the stinging eyes one bit but those pickled onions were so tasty!
    Looking forward to reveal day. :0)

  5. You sound like me not putting the heating yet! I must admit that it was rather chilly when we got up this morning and I almost switched it on but thought better of it! I did try it later on though to make sure it still worked!

    Your jam tarts and flapjack look delicious and those roses are so pretty.

    I am about half way through my challenge piece and hoping to get it all done for reveal day!

  6. oh, the food looks SO YUMMY!!! I love raspberry jam. Yum! I will share applesauce, you can share jam!!!
    Your weekend sounded heavenly!!!

  7. Lucky you, if my husband gave me roses I'd be totally suspicious ;D
    Your baking looks delicious!
    I thought "Merlin" was an interesting start, though it seemed to take a few liberties with the story. I'll reserve further judgement for a week or two I think

  8. That is so sweet of him,you lucky lady!!
    Yummy Flapjacks and Jam tarts,why can't you live nearer!!

  9. Julie, how I would LOVE to come visit you and spend a few days in your world. Your week sounds just wonderful...

  10. Wow, what a great hubby. Wish mine was alittle like that.
    Your tarts and jam looks and sounds so good. Wish I had some of that talent.

  11. OOOH Julie, feel free to come and fill my freezer with Rhubarb favourite....

    Isn't the weather lovely, it's still sunny here...hope it stays for a while.

    Hugs, happy knitting and stitching.....

  12. Martha Stewart should hide her head, you are really on the ball with winter preparations. I so wish we had a fire place or our wood stove set up in the basement. Seems a shame to have one and can't use it. :o(


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