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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Papillon Part 9

Hope you all haven't fainted with shock, yes i have some stitching i can show you at last!!!

No yoga today, didn't feel to good, so i spent a quiet afternoon keeping an eye on DH. He had a bad experience at the dentist yesterday. We only went for a check-up but he ended up having 2 teeth removed! Technically that should be one and a half, the second one shattered and he has to have it surgically removed at a later date if it doesn't work its way loose on its own. Poor guy, he's in a lot of pain and seems to be going from one thing to the other recently. It's always such a pleasure to stitch this one, the colours are so bright and vivid and there are only 3 more parts to go till its all done.


Karan said...

Your poor DH - sending all my sympathy & get well wishes. Is he taking Ibuprofen? Best things for dental pain when taken regularly - know that from experience. :0(
Your Papillon SAL is gorgeous Julie. :0)

Shellie said...

stunning stitching and lots of sympathy for ur poor hubby.

Shari said...

praying your DH is feeling much better real soon! Your stitching is beautiful! You are doing a great job & I can see why you are excited about it!

Karen said...

Looks good , hope Mr P feels better soon

Lori-Ann said...

Wow! Poor DH!! Not a good surprise at all :o(

Your Papillion looks so pretty, and I'm sure it must be a pleasure to work on, as you say.

Jenn said...

The stitching is beautiful!

I hope your hubby feels better soon!!

Elisa said...

Ouch....sending get well wishes to your DH...must be so painful.
Well done on completing part 9 of PAP, it is looking fab!!

Christine said...

Poor DH! Hope he feels better soon.
Papillon looks beter and better every time I see it!

Lynn said...

Oh poor DH, I hope he's soon out of pain, it's just the worst thing to have!!
Lovely stitching Julie :)

"Magnolia" said...

Julie, your Papillon is absolutely gorgeous. LOVE the specialty stitches & beading in this one!

I hope your DH is feeling much better today!