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Friday, 1 August 2008


Stephie from the stitchy club came to visit on my Birthday afternoon with her 2 boys. We had a lovely time and she bought me this fabulous book and some other nice goodies and a handmade card. The diagrams of the stitches are so clear and detailed, it will be invaluable i'm sure. The little green chap you see in the pic was inside the bag the book came in, his names Morris ....

as you can see my WIP has not grown much at all ... this is all due to Morris and his antics!!! He decided to park himself right next to my stitching chair, and he's been giving off bad vibes, i've had to rip out the letter A and some of the letter U as it was one stitch too low and i couldn't leave it, it was so noticeable when i picked it up to stitch on it. Why did i not notice it when i was doing it???

Christine your guess of 'twins' for my knitted toy is almost there, i have every intention of setting too with it this weekend to get it all finished, and now that Morris is now well and truly behind bars in his new 'home' i hope there wont be any more mistakes LOL
Enjoy your weekend whatever your plans


  1. Sorry Morris effected your stitching, glad you have sorted it now. And a belated Happy Birthday for Wednesday hope you had a great day.

  2. Lets hope the frog stays behind bars long enough to let you get your stitching sorted lol.
    But he looks so forlorn the poor thing lol

  3. cute froggie... but he needs to stay away from your stitching, LOL.

  4. Hope Morris will behave behind the bars. Should make him play nicely. LOL :-) Getting curious about the knitting project.

  5. I am sorry to read that Morris brought along some not so nice tricks. I think sent some of those vibes to me as well. Glad you locked him up.

  6. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOU....Morris is a handsome chap but best kept behind bars....a good start :)

  7. Hope Morris decides to behave himself now he's had a stay behind bars!
    Book looks an interesting resource. :0)
    Think Autumn will be a HD before I get back - will look forward to seeing it. :0)

  8. Julie,

    Happy belated Birthday! You received some lovely gifts.

    The frog is cute but I think you've got the right idea in keeping him contained.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Julie - please pop into my blog when you have the chance - I have got a surprise for you.

    All the best,

  10. make sure Morris stays right where he is.....

    Come on Julie I'm dying to see what you are knitting this time....

  11. Poor Morris! Watch out or you will have FLF (frog liberation front) round ;D

    OK if they aren't twins are they lovers/bride & groom??

  12. Cute Frog...but keep it in the basket!!
    Sorry to here you had to frog some of Autumn. But loving seeing progress!


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