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Thursday, 14 August 2008

No i didn't grid!

I decided to take ED's 'Winter' with me to the stitching club last night I had visions of me miscounting and doing the gridding wrong, then having to frog it out and that would have put me off it even more. Quite a bit got done to this so i'm pleased even though there were only 4 of us there as lots are on holiday and we had lots of chat and laughs. Maybe i'll take the plunge and grid the Peacock Chair fabric tonight!

Oh my goodness ..... I just had a thought ... i haven't done any to the PAP SAL this time yet, better think about pulling that out the workbox soon, we'll be into September before i know it and the next part will be released.

I'm still in the deciding stage for the mini exchange at TS, so many ideas running round in my head, i think i just need to sit/stitch/make/send and stop wondering if i'll come up with a better idea. How are you getting on with yours Rachael and Karen?


  1. nice start, well the mini so far I have had about 7 different ideas for it LOL I think I have decided , maybe.....

  2. You are certainly making those needles smoke with these seasons.!!
    Oh yes please start the chair ,I want to get this one day,so will be eager to hear how it goes for you!!
    I keep umming and arring about the mini exchange,I have ideas but not sure which to do yet! I think some have been sent out already,so we better get our skates on lol

  3. Your NTE is looking good.
    A good time with the gals is always a special treat isn't it? (Tell you about mine tomorrow) ;o)

    Good luck with your grid work... (you are doing it, right?

  4. Great progress on your Winter. Good luck on your mini. I sent mine out yesterday.

  5. Winter is looking great Julie. You're certainly stitching them up quickly.

    Happy Belated Birthday to Paul!

  6. Looking good Julie... Oooh gridding I don't do that. I actually don't have the patience I like to dive in and start a project!

  7. Winter is coming along lovely Julie well done with it.

    Happy Belated Birthday to your DH sounds like you all had a lovely day.

    Hugs, happy knitting and stitching..

  8. You have received an award! Please see my blog when you get chance:)

  9. Great progress Julie. I hope your friends funeral went well (or as well as these things go).

    Regarding Mr Stick I have hardly stitched at all and what I have been stitching have been small (drive me crazy bit) for charity things. I am hoping they will be finished over this weekend and I will be able to get back into my routine again.

  10. lol to tell you where I'm coming from ... I looked at that picture and read "nite" as in "good nite." lol I guess I'm tireder than I thought.

    Congrats on a wonderful stitching evening. I wish I was at one now.

  11. I love your blog,see my blog I have something for you!!


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