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Saturday, 23 August 2008

My stitching place ...

In my last post i said i might get some time in my stitching place in the conservatory, i thought you might like to see where Midge and i spend our time. My workbasket was an ebay buy, the lid opens to hold all my goodies. As you see, Morris has escaped from behind bars and found a nice place to sit, safely out of harms way. The view from here is into our garden where i can keep an eye on DH and the wildlife!

Our neighbour has been away this past week and i've been looking after their cat. He is such a sweetie but had an accident and only has 3 legs, but that doesn't stop him jumping up onto the fence and playing chase with Midge and Mr Moe. She arrived back yesterday and brought me this pressie and some flowers. A nice gift with the thank you printed on the box.

Happy stitching


  1. hope you havent eaten all the fudge ;O)
    I think Morris's cousin is living in my house at the moment!!!!!

    I say is that a pink sock ???????? did the one from the states never arrive ????????? naughty partner

  2. Weeee!!! Julie that stitchy-space is amazing!! Beautifully decorated, and it looks so cheerful, bright, and inviting! GREAT choice of stitchy-space locations! :) Thank you for sharing with us; gave me some tips! lol

    ~the other Julie~

  3. Oh I'm as green as Morris - what a fab stitching corner.
    Nice gift. :0)

  4. oooo that spot on the sofa would be perfect for me to park my

    lovely fudge....just don't get sticky fingers on your stitching :)

  5. Looks like a cozy spot to stitch, Julie.

    Nice of you to cat-sit, and what a sweet thank you, too!!

  6. wow! what a cozy stitching space.

  7. what a special gift for pet sitting!! How fun!! Love your stitching area!!

  8. wow what a lovely stitching haven, would love somewhere so bright and cheerful to stitch

    hope you enjoyed the sweeties

  9. love the froggy just noticed him!


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