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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Busy little bee ...

Woody Woodpecker is back home! Neighbours up the road had their tree cut down a while ago and DH and i thought his house was in it, but obviously not. He must have just been frightened away with all the noise and upset for a while. I grabbed the camera and dashed out into the garden being careful not to interupt his breakfast this morning. He is so beautiful and DH and i have missed him.

It's going to be a busy week here. I've already lost one day and this coming weekend will be the Fruit & Veg show. Being on the committee means a lot to get organised ready for that. We also have a funeral to attend as DH lost his aunt last week, God Bless you Aunt Enid at least you are now free from pain and suffering. Just when i thought i was busy enough, in todays post came my appointment for the brain scan they've scheduled it for this Friday at 5pm.... dont they know i have a full week already!!

A bit more done on the Peacock Chair and also some on Winter too but i've been reading more than stitching when i've had 5 mins to spare. It's a good book. Karan i think you would like Barbara Erskines writing, have you read any of hers?? I blame Karen for introducing me to her, and Barb (no blog) tells me there is a follow on book to this one. You sure know how to cut down my stitching time ladies LOL

I saw a lovely chart on a blog a while back. It was Needleprint Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler then i found out it was OOP. Sally was kind enough to let me know that it was being offered as a PDF for sale legally so i bought it immediately and have joined a SAL for it. Thank you Hazel for setting this up. It doesn't start till 1st January 2009 but something to look forward to in the New Year.

WOW that turned into a chapter didn't it, see you soon


  1. lovely pic of 'Woody', I don't get to see mine, just hear him lol. Lovely stitching on the chair :) and I'm envious of your lovely 'stitching place' it looks so inviting. It must be comfy if the cats there lol.

  2. I love the colour you are using for the chair, we never see woodpeckers in the garden , but that could be because we don't feed the birds lol

  3. My condolensces on the passing of your DH's Auntie.

    Hope the tests on Friday go well.

    You like birds? I have one named Edgar that would be a perfect addition to your backyard! ;o) hehe.

  4. If you can get your hands on a suet cage and some suet (most grocery stores sell it), your woodpecker will be thrilled, especially if there are peanut in it. We always attracted quite a few woodpeckers with the suet cakes, and if you're worried about melting, you can usually find block of no-melt dough in the local bird stores. (we've never had a problem with suet though)

  5. Your Peacock Chair is looking lovely Julie. You're stitching all the bits up quickly.

    I love your stitching area. I could just see me sat in there with a cuppa! Lol!

    Winter is coming along well too.

    Wow there's nothing like leaving it nearly til the last minute to let you know when your appointment is! Hope it all goes well {{{hugs}}}

  6. Hi Julie, sorry to hear about dh's aunt (rip)
    Good luck with the scan I'm sure everything will be fine, I'll be thinking of you.

  7. Oh love Woody, but look at all those juicy pears in the tree, Yum Yum!!
    Is that a hedgehog on the bench?
    Hope all goes well on Friday,I was tempted to add a joke about finding your brain ,but thought it might be a a bit tasteless!! ;0)
    Loving the peacock update!!
    Can't wait to see all the progresses you ladies make on the SAL, It does look like a great design.

  8. WOW! I've never seen a woody in real life, don't think i've even heard one. What a site it would be to see one. Thanks for the picture.
    Hope your test goes alright.

  9. I love woodpeckers, they are my favorite. They love peanuts. I cant wait to see more of that peacock chair.
    Hope the scan goes well for you.

  10. Sorry to hear of your DH's aunt.

    I do hope the test goes well on friday.

  11. Love the woodpecker! You're welcome and thanks for linking it on your blog. xx

  12. Just found your blog Julie, great read. I too enjoyed doing the redwork or monochromatic exchange .

  13. Lovely pictures, I just adore birds...and your stitching on the chair is fantastic...
    Condolences in the passing of your DH's Auntie.

    Now young lady....that Beatrix Potter sampler SAL looks fantastic...I am looking for a 2009project and it looks perfect...can you let me have the link to buy the chart please...I will also request to join the blog too....if you don't mind that is :)

  14. Looking forward to seeing what all this fuss over the BP quaker is sometime in the new year.

    The Peacock chair is coming along nicely and your stitching chair looks nice and cosy too.

  15. Great start on your peaccock chair. Sorry about DH's aunt.

  16. Sorry to hear about your DH's Aunt (((((hugs))))).
    Love the pic of Woody. We don't get them round here. :0(
    Your Peacock Chair is going to be gorgeous - do love that thread!
    Lots of notice from the hopspital then! Hope the scan goes well Julie (((((hugs))))).

  17. Oops, forgot to say that no I haven't read any of her books but I shall be keeping an eye open next time I go down to the library. :0)


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