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Sunday, 31 August 2008

SORRY ... a long post

It's a relief that i can sit at the computer and get 5 minutes to myself, its been such a busy few days. There have been some ups and also a few things causing us concern. In the midst of this i received a lovely gift from Karen, this beautiful handmade glass bead bookmark. I've told her she needs to set up an internet site to sell the wonderful creations she makes and it is so special that the beads are all handmade by her too. I now have a fob and a bookmark and DD has a lovely bracelet. I'm not surprised you are enjoying this new hobby Karen, thank you so much i love my new addition and it is comfortably sitting in my latest book.

Yesterday was reveal day at JA for this months challenge. This time is was a A Mon Ami Pierre freebie. I found this little basket for sale at the garden centre and thought i would try something completely different. I lined it with fabric from my stash and tied the design onto the front, the flowers are only in there for effect. Fabric is raw linen and thread are GAST and WDW oddments i had, colours changed from those asked for.

I can also reveal this months mini mystery exchange at TS. It was such a hard one this time. We were sent a little wooden clipboard and had to think what to do with it. The little fairy tinkerbell is what i received from Rae, thank you Rae its lovely and the little pen and notepad are wonderful. I decided to make a little travelling ort/needlethreader holder and stitched R for Rae on the front and a fuschia flower is on the back. I backstited around the sides and whipstitched them together with the clipboard inside.

Friday we had to take Midge to the vets. The night before he was having a cuddle and DH noticed something in his mouth, it wasnt there earlier in the week. Luckily they managed to get him in as an emergency, but the news wasn't good, she thinks he has a tumour in there .... he is to go in early tomorrow (Monday) for an operation to have it removed and it is to be sent off for histology to see if it is cancerous or not. We then have to decided what treatment is appropriate depending on the results. As a lot of you know, he arrived here with us of his own accord in January 2007 and his owners decided he could stay as they were moving and didn't want to take him with them, we love him very much and hope and pray that the news is good.

The funeral for Aunt Enid went OK, as well as they do, the church was full and we ended up standing for the 45 minute service. A quick dash home to change and then off to the hospital for my brain scan, that went fine and now i await the results. A dash home again and off to the allotment to sort out the veggies etc for the fruit and veg show. Too tired to cook we headed for the fish and chip shop on the way home, i sat on the bench outside whilst DH went in, someone had obviously enjoyed theirs a bit too much as they had wandered off and left their handbag on the seat. The local police station is not open in the evenings so DH handed it into the nice chap in the chippy so when the lady returned she could be reunited with it - i think this is every womans nightmare to loose a bag and wallet etc.

An early start Saturday morning at 5.30am (middle of the night to me usually!!)as it was 'Fruit & Veg show day', all went well, DH won 15 1sts, 5 2nds, and 5 3rds. I won 2 1sts and a 2nd - i'll show you pics of the show another time. We were both in bed by 9pm last night to get a good nights sleep .... not likely ... some youths decided at 4am to jump up and down on our neighbours car, they were shouting and screaming and throwing bricks through windscreens of other cars in the street too. DH phoned the police as we watched 4 cars being smashed. Luckily for us ours were not targets but that didnt stop us being out in the street in our nightwear for a while to check all the neighbours were OK. Time for a cup of tea to calm us all down and back to bed and a late start ensued this morning.

I'm hoping this week is a bit quieter although we have received a letter from the waterboard today informing us that the water will be off from 9am - 5pm tomorrow for essential repairs, and Midge is off bright and early, i think i have earned some quality peace and quiet as i haven't done any stitching or reading since Wednesday

If you are still here after reading all that well done and thank you


Christine said...

Good Grief Julie! You've had your share of ups and downs the last few days.
I like the way you've finished your monthly challenge.
Sending good thoughts for your kitty...

Stitchingranny said...

Well first I want to say fingers crossed re the brain scan. Lol let me know if they find one Julie.

Love the finish on monthly challenge you are very inventive.

Hope puss is ok after her exploratory on Monday.

Diana said...

Wow - what a day! Hopefully the week will improve.

Hope the results of your brain scan are good - and that Midge will be ok.

Paula said...

Fingers crossed for Midge Julie, hope the vet visit goes well. Give him head scratches from me Amber & Daisy.

Good luck with the scan, I hope the results are good news.

Congrats with your wins at the fair....well done.

icelandmom said...

Hugs to you Julie. Hope you get good news about the brain scan and I also hope Midge will be OK. Hopeing next week will be a lot better for you all.

Lynn said...

Oh you poor thing, what an awful time you've been having!
I hope the scan comes back clear (((hugs)))and I hope poor Midge's op goes well.

Congratulations to you both on your wins. Looking forward to seeing the pics :)

I hope the police get the toerags who vandalised the cars, it makes you blood boil to think they have so little respect for other peoples property!!!!

brokenfairy said...

OH What a week you have had!!
A beautiful gift from Karen,I enjoying seeing the ideas you come up with for these challenges and exchanges, Wonderful finishes!!
I Hope Midge is OK!!
I do hope you have a more peaceful week!! (Hugs)

kate said...

Huge hugs to you Julie - hopa all is well with your scan and also that Midge will be ok.
Congrats to you both for your wins - will look forward to seeing the piccies.
I love your monthly challenge finish - very different.
Take care.

Lori-Ann said...

You're a busy woman this week too?
What is it about this week before school? LOL What a lot to be put through!

Crossing my fingers for Midge.
Congrats on all those fair wins!
The basket looks really great!
Nice pressies and exchange. I like the idea you had of basically making a cover for it... I would have been stumped for sure on what to do with it.
It's must be a horrible feeling to be woken up during the night by sounds of attack!

Take care and I'm hoping all the test results are A-OK for you and Midge. {{{hugs}}}

Daffycat said...

Hugs for Midge...I hope to hear good news.

Your stitching and recent gifts are beautiful.

It isn't fun being awakened in the night by troublemakers~glad you weren't a target.

"Magnolia" said...

My, Julie, you deserve some EXTRA BIG HUGS! I'm hoping and praying that Midge comes thru well and it's nothing serious.

Your basket and finish for Rae are both beautiful. She did a great job on your Tink, too!

Congrats on your Show wins! I knew you would do well!

Karan said...

When life chucks a wobbler it's usually a biggie. Lots of (((((((((hugs))))))))) Julie - hope Midge is OK & that the scan results are OK.
Beautiful stitching & finishing as always Julie.
Hope the scumbags stay well away from now on too - must've been seriously distressing all round.

Mylene said...

Your monthly challenge turned out great.
Do hope the scan comes out fine and Midge will be ok.