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Friday, 4 July 2008

Summer is finished ...

no not the season, i mean the Elizabeth Designs Summer Flower Sampler. I added the charms to it today before my busy day started. I'm really pleased with the way it turned out and have put it away with Spring until i get round to stitching Autumn and Winter, which will be soon i think.

It's been a strange week with DD on hols. DH has been off catching up on things around the house so my PC and stitching time has been invaded, as soon as i sit down he suggests we do something or go somewhere. It's nice to have him home but will be equally as nice for him to go back to work on Monday LOL

Thank you for your kind comments about Midge. He's been a good boy this week and taken all his tablets really well. The swelling has (to put it bluntly) burst open ... yeuck! and is now healing nicely. He went back for a check up this evening and she's really pleased with him. I now have a hole in my purse where there once was cash LOL

Photobucket Happy 4th July to all my overseas readers.


  1. The ED looks great , glad midge is healing nicley, I thought he had extra meat with his pill yesterday!!!!!

  2. I love the Summer stitching... I am going to look up Elizabeth Designs as it is a new one to me!

  3. Summer looks great,Well done on your finish!
    LOL MY DH does that,just as I pick up a book or stitching suggests a spot of gardening or mentions the washing machine has nearly finished it's cycle!!
    Glad to hear Midge is on the mend :0)

  4. Summer is beautiful, Julie! Great job!

    Glad Midge is improved... healing is often not pretty, LOL.

    My purse must be the mate to yours, because after visiting my dentist, I have a hole in mine as well.

  5. Congratulations on a beautiful finish ;)

  6. Your Summer looks great!
    Glad that little Midge is doing well. Those little guys have a way of making our money disappear, but they are worth it.

  7. Great finish Julie...well done. Glad to hear Midge is getting better even though it was a bit messy...yeuk...

  8. Congrats on the lovely finish and the healing fuzz ball.

    I just have to say, I love how your P{apillon is coming along. The colors you chose are so beautiful!

  9. Hi Julie, Summer is gorgeous, well done on finishing it...hope we'll be seeing Autumn soon?

    Oh I didn't know Midge was ill, hope he's doing ok now...give him some headscratches from me and the girlies...
    Hugs and happy stitching....

  10. Julie, your Summer finish is beautiful!

    I'm glad to hear Midge is on the mend.

  11. Summer looks absolutely gorgeous Julie.

    Good to hear Midge is doing well:)

  12. I love 'summer' Julie, well done.

    I'm glad Midge is on the mend, hopefully, he'll stay clear of the rose bushes from now on!

    I wouldn't mind being interupted if I could only get my stitching mojo back :(

  13. What a lovely finish Julie.

    Great to hear Midge is doing much better.

  14. Glad to hear Midge is on the mend, although it sounds like it'll take your purse a bit longer to recover. ;0)
    Summer is lovely - looking forward to watching the other two seasons develop too. :0)

  15. Summer looks great. Congrats on the finish!!

  16. very beautiful Julie!! Wow! You do wonderful satin stitches. I cannot master them at all!! Keep up the great work!

  17. Summer is gorgeous. Looking at the weather I think you might be right when you say it is finished though ;)

    Poor kitty, hope he's feeling better

  18. Hi julie
    Yopur stithing is great ive jusdt popped over from ginnies blog
    Will keep popping bk to seeyour work

  19. Congratulations on completing Summer and I will look forward to seeing the next two develop.


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